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Friends We Are A Making

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As a moving girl I don’t freak about a lack of a social life too soon after a move. From my experience I know it takes 6 months to a year until I start to feel like part of the community…. and by that I mean I have a hand full of friends I can call for whatever reason. In this particular move I was pretty lucky. My Man travels with a crowd that also travels and there just happened to be 3 families living in the area that we were pretty tight with in past places. It’s a bonus to have friends set pre-move! There were also at least half a dozen families who moved from our previous location to here at the exact same time… so I kind of already have a hand full of friends I can call for whatever… but I don’t like to depend on that. Those are my friends who will be moving on, just like me, at some point. I’ve found that the best friends I’ve made in any of the towns I’ve lived in are those that are not movers.

I was warned that people in Virginia are not friendly. I know friendly (I lived in Oklahoma – seriously the most friendly place I’ve ever been) and I have to say that those who warned me were dead wrong. I’ve gotten nothing but love from my new neighborhood. Not only have the neighbors introduced themselves, but as I began my daily trek of walking my kiddos to school, moms all over the neighborhood introduced themselves to me (Hey, I didn’t see you walking last year, are you new? What’s your name? How old are your kids? Who are their teachers? What are their names?) and they remembered my name. I felt welcomed.

We were lucky enough to move into a house that has a built-in 5-year-old boy right next door. Instant friend for Buddy! Little Miss kept asking where are the girls? About a month after moving here (in the heart of summer vacation) Little Miss told me a wish. The house across the street from us is empty. The word on the cul-de-sac  is that the man who lived there passed away and his children are working on fixing it up so they can rent it out. Little Miss was staring out the front window and she said, “wouldn’t it be great if a family moved into that house, and they had a little girl who was just my age? And wouldn’t it be even cooler if her name was Little Miss just like mine?” I agreed about the coolness of her wish and told her not to worry, that when school started she’d make tons of friends.

I’m thinking Little Miss has some powerful wish action going on! Little Miss has a sweet, old-fashioned name. It is not common and usually the only people you meet with her name are old, very old. On the day we visited her classroom for the first time her teacher told us that there was another little girl in the class with the very same name! Needless to say that was AMAZING information and since then those two Little Misses have become good friends (seriously – walking out of school holding hands kind of friends).

We’re half-way to the six month mark and already I feel like I’ve gotten my feet wet on the way to building some friendships. I’m curious to see what our life will be like at the one-year-mark.