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My 9-year-old Dressed Me For a Week



It’s been months since my writing voice has been heard.  My writing inspiration fell right out the window (as well as my clean house) when I went back to work full time in October. But, inspiration or not, Little Miss dressing me for a week must happen EVERY YEAR and I must write about it.

Now Little Miss turned 9 in February and has talked about dressing me on and off since then but wouldn’t commit. I was willing to wear whatever she came up with whenever the time may be. I don’t get judged at work as my clientele is a room of 5-year-olds who, by the way,  thought the vintage 1989 poufy sleeve magenta extravaganza I wore on 80’s day made me look like a princess. So the months passed and she’d mention “the week” and I’d say OK but it wouldn’t happen. Until it did. Here we go.


sunday cropped

Sunday #1

Sunday can be a 2 outfit day as we often go to church. This Sunday started out with a burgundy animal print dress topped with a cropped white sweater. Accessories included white dangly stone earrings (my hair is tucked behind my ears so you can see them), a sterling heart necklace and grey platform sandals. I was not dressed with my watch but asked if I could wear it as I kept looking at my empty wrist for the time. I taught the littles in Sunday school this morning and the dress was casual enough that I could get on the floor to sing songs and read books if I tucked my legs to the side.

Sunday 2

After church I changed into my casual outfit of a white tank covered with a pink and red tunic-y top. On the bottom I’m wearing capri denim and my feet are in Little Miss’ favorite pair of shiney silver flats with patent leather toes. I’ll be hanging around the house this afternoon and meeting friends for a casual dinner.

Both outfits were fine, and while the shoe choices are not quite to my liking, I can deal.


 Monday 1 Little Miss is on a swim team so there is no sleeping in for her this July. We have to be at the pool by 7:30 am. Some of this is my fault. As part of the swim team, parents need to volunteer so many hours at the pool. As a girl with a retailing and marketing degree (pre-teaching) I earn my hours by running the snack shack in the mornings during practice. This is the outfit that I wore to the pool. So far pink is the color of the week. I’m in a pink t-shirt that has flowers on the bottom, paired with black cargo capris and white sandals with orange and turquoise stones. I have small circle medallion earrings and am holding my brown shoulder bag as that’s the purse Little Miss picked out.Monday shoes

 This is the shirt she picked out for me to change into after working in the snack shack. I had a little mishap with chocolate syrup. I was seen in this outfit at a pizza place Little Miss and I went to for lunch and at the grocery store.

I’m going to call this pink Monday as both tops were in that family.


Tuesday 1Monday shoes (2)Tuesday 2Little Miss picked out my outfit for today on Monday evening. She layed the outfit down on the floor like a Flat Stanley and put many combination of shoes next to it until she got just the right ones. She then went through my earrings holding each pair up to the outfit assessing whether the pair was appropriate or not. It was very meticulous.

To the pool this morning (without a snack shack shift) I wore a knee length black flowy skirt paired with a pinkish t-shirt covered in seqins. I glittered and glided onto the pool deck. The shoes were pink flats with a snake toe accent and my earrings were large silver hoops. I wore a necklace of a small silver circle that “matched” the hoops. I felt overly glamerous next to all the other parents in shorts and t-shirts.

In the afternoon we had a sudden change in plans (as is no plans to actually having plans) to meet up with some friends to hike at a local park. Little Miss deemed the sequened concoction too fancy for a little hike so I got to change into a purple t-shirt  and some khaki shorts. She had me wear my “very bright” sneakers to give me some added color.




Wedwed2On Tuesday evening Little Miss picked out my outfit. It may look familiar – she also picked it out for me to wear when she was six. After picking it out she had a big discussion with Buddy about how my entire outfit was only black and silver. Buddy  asked lots of questions about exactly which parts were black (dress, leggings and shoes) and which were silver (earrings, bracelet and necklace) and Little Miss explained the entire thing to him. Little Miss picked out a pair of kitten heel black shoes. I normally don’t wear heels just for errands and stuff but it looked fine.

Little Miss has been my photographer this week. For Wednesday’s photo shoot she wanted me to stand in front of the window. I think it’s hard to see my outfit but she liked how the light shone behind me.









ThursOur day consisted of our morning at the pool for swim practice followed by a trip into Washington, DC to visit the National Building Museum. The kids LOVE riding the metro so that’s how we made our way into the city. Our ride took us right past where My Man works so we hopped off the train,  met him for lunch, and hopped back on to head to the museum. Usually when I’m meeting my man for lunch I like to dress nice. Everyone around is in suits and their working clothes. I like to blend. But, Little Miss was looking out for my comfort.

LM – Mom, we’ll be doing a lot of walking today so you are going to wear your grey sneakers.

Me – OK

LM – And you need to be comfortable.

Me – OK

So comfortable I was. Today marks the beginning of the 3 day denim capri run. Today’s denim is a pair of cargo capris. This was paired with a purple t-shirt with birds on it. On my feet are my trusty grey Converse sneakers.

And, I’m very glad I was comfortable. The reason we were headed to the National Building Museum was for a temporary exhibit called The Big Maze. This life size maze will be at the museum until September 1, 2014. It was very fun to navigate –  we ran around like to get back in line to go through the maze just like we were running to ride a big roller coaster at an amusement park again and again. We ended up going through 8 times! I had never been to this museum before. If you like architecture, the museum itself is gorgeous. There is also an exhibit on natural disasters and how architects are designing buildings to withstand earthquakes and high winds. If you are in DC, the museum is worth a visit.




FridayOn Friday we had a lazy summer day. Little Miss dressed me in a blue and white striped top, denim capris with a big cuff, and black flats. I wore this outfit to swim practice and back home again. Sometime in the afternoon we headed to the pool to swim and lounge around in the sun. I didn’t ask Little Miss to pick me out a bathing suit for our trip to the pool. It’s not that I didn’t think she’d pick out a cute one… and for a 40-something year old woman I’m pretty OK with my body in a bathing suit… I just don’t know if I can handle putting a picture of myself in a bathing suit on the internet! Maybe next year…

LM – Mom, lift your foot up I can’t see your shoes.

Me – This feels weird. Does it look weird?

LM – A little, but not bad. It looks like you’re walking.








IMG_1679This morning I had yoga. Little Miss said I could pick out my own outfit. When I got home I mowed the lawn, weeded the garden and washed the dog. Again, Little Miss had no interest in dressing me for those activities. But, for date night, she dressed me. My Man and I are lucky enough to have some good friends nearby who trade baby sitting with us. We get to actually watch their baby (and get our fill of sweet baby times) and they get to see what it’s like hanging out with a couple of big kids.

Our date night was pretty casual. My Man and I were headed to dinner (Okras– Cajun food in Manassas, VA. You can sit outside to eat),  a trip to Lowes (seriously – shopping without kids is a gift), and ending with a trip to an ice cream shop (Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot in Clifton, VA – seriously delicious). For our date Little Miss had me wear a white top covered in tiny black polka dots, dark denim capris, white dangly earrings and black flats. It was a well chosen outfit for our evening.







Today is Sunday. The week is over and it actually felt a little weird to pick out my own outfit.

What I learned:

  • Little Miss is a careful planner. She’d think about my accessories and clothes combinations very deliberately.

    Little Miss - wet from the pool.

    Little Miss – wet from the pool.

  • Little Miss likes the colors pink and purple.
  • Little Miss likes to dress me in denim capris (and I own many variations)
  • Little Miss likes the familiar. Most of the clothes I wore this week I’ve owned and worn for years.

As always I enjoyed spending time doing an activity with my girl. I trust her style and her taste and I’m looking forward to doing this again next year… if she wants to.






Squeezing Into Skinny Jeans

I hate skinny jeans. When the trend is gone forever I won’t be sad in the least. I don’t like how tight they feel all over. I don’t like that most styles are so low waisted that when I have to bend down or even sit I’m sportin’ a nice plumber butt as an accessory. I just don’t feel cute in them and am self conscience the entire time I’m wearing a pair.

And yes, I just said “wearing a pair”. Even though I despise the style, I own a few pairs of skinny jeans, and I wear them. I may feel like a flubbery thigh girl in them but I have to admit that they look fabulous with a great pair of boots.

The other day I was wearing a pair of these jeans so I could sport my grey swede lug sole boots. When I was out and about (with the kick-ass boots on) I felt fine. For some reason the boots elevated my skinny jeans and made me forget that I feel a bit sausagy in them. Then I came home, kicked off my boots, and was making dinner….

Me: My thighs look chunky in these jeans.

Little Miss: That’s just how your thighs always look.

Me: You mean chunky?

Little Miss: No, they’re just your legs. They’re just like mine.

And then I paused…. my other name for Little Miss is Little Miss Long Legs. She’s all 7-year-old skinny with bean pole legs that are all knobby knees and very cute. They are her legs, part of her body, and I love them as I love every inch of her. And she looks at me the same way. My legs are just my legs, they are part of my body, and she loves every inch of me…. skinny jeans or not.

I often forget that my kiddos really listen to me. I want Little Miss to always think that her legs are just her legs so from now on when I sport my skinny jeans with my kick-ass boots I’ll keep my mouth shut about how I feel about my thighs and love my legs because they are part of my body and I’m pretty happy with me.

Buddy Dressed Me For a Week: Age 5

As many of you know I started a yearly event with Little Miss where I let her pick my clothes out for a week. The first time I did this she was 6 and we repeated the fun at age 7. Shortly after both adventures Buddy has said he’s wanted to do the same thing. I always answer, sure, we’ll start on Sunday and then Sunday comes along and I forget about it and so does he. You see, I just don’t see Buddy as a fashion kind of guy. He’d wear all camoflauge every day if it was clean and tends to pick out his outfits based on what’s on top in his drawer. This past year he’s asked me numerous times and so I decided, what the heck. Let’s let my boy do this.

Little Miss is very particular and we’ve always done the week propery – starting on Sunday. Buddy is a little more flexible so we started this endevour on a Tuesday.


Today I have a hair appointment. Unfortunately my salon had to reschedule the appointment I had last week when my kids were still in school – so I’m dragging along a 5 and 7 year old to a 2 hour appointment.

We’re loaded down with lunch boxes, my iPad, a Leapster Explorer, math work books, and a bunch of paper and some craft supplies. I knew they’d be fine – they’re awesome at self-entertaining. For this adventure Buddy picked out a grey and black striped shirt, a pair of denim capris with a folded cuff, a silver necklace with a little pendant with a black stone, silver earings that look like feathers, my big red watch and sandals in shades of turquoise and snake skin. Not a totally bad outfit. I usually don’t pair this particular shirt with these pants – both are just too loose and I like the tight on top loose on the bottom or vice versa look. I also wouldn’t have paired these shoes with this outfit – too many patterns. But, I wasn’t embarrased to be seen in public so I’ll have just have to say, “Good Start, Buddy!”


Today I’d call my look sherbet. Pink sherbet of some sort. Buddy’s first choice was a very pretty dress that I wear to church or for some sort of nicer occasion than my planned day of doing chores around the house with a quick run to the post office. When he presented it I said, “oh, a fancy dress.” And he replied, “I didn’t know this was fancy,” and then rejected his choice. He then headed to my closet where he picked out a top that is patterned with reds and oranges. He headed to my dresser and opened the drawer where my shorts are (great choice as it’s a 95F degree day) and pulled out a pair that are salmon colored. I’d say for the last 10 years every pair of shorts I’ve owned have been khaki or black or olive green, but since COLOR is all the trend this summer I jumped in and bought these shorts. And I guess I’m wearing them with a very vibrant shirt as well. This outfit was accessorized with a pair of sweet pink earrings and a pair of grey flannel flats that should have been packed away for winter but are not. My feet began sweating the moment I put them on.


If you happened to be at the library or the post office in my town today you would have seen me in this fine ensamble. Today’s outfit consisted of a maroon colored knit top with small white polka dots. This was paired with a light flowy purple flower skirt. The shoes were the same turquoise and snake skin sandals I wore on Tuesday along with the same silver earrings that look like feathers. Around my neck was a choker with a silver chain and a clear glass bead. When I see mixed patterns on others a la Mondo style I’m all for it. It looks great – but there is a way that it has to be done. My pattern mixing was WAY OFF. Mainly it had to do with the weight of the chosen fabrics. The heavy top with the flowy skirt was just wrong, but I love my boy and so I owned this miss matched look.


The clothes I’m wearing today are exactly something I would pick out. Simple and cute. My orangish top (by the way one of my FAVORITE colors to wear – so excited it’s all over the stores this season) paired with a pair of denim cargo capris. I’m free of accessories except for Buddy who I wore all day as a belt. OK, not really, but wouldn’t that have been funny? One thing I found out today is that Buddy does not have the stamina for an entire week of this stuff. I’m kind of forcing him along and he seems to be just haphazardly grabbing things out of my closet and calling it good. Today’s big dilema was my shoes. He said I had too many and none of them went with my outfit so I should just pick them out myself. I told him this adventure doesn’t work that way so I guess I’ll be heading out with no shoes on. He then did a big sigh, entered my closet and literally threw out a pair of black flats that I wear all the time. “Wear these,” he said. I have a feeling that I may be looking less and less together as the week unfolds.


Today we are a traveling family and my feet will be sweating. Yesterday My Man and I hit the 10 year mark on our marriage – and to celebrate we decided to go do something fun as a family. That fun is checking out the Great Wolf Lodge. This place is known for it’s kid friendly atmosphere – from bunk beds in the rooms to story time in PJ’s every evening. My Man and I were just excited to hit the HUGE indoor water park. Who doesn’t want to hurl their bodies down giant water slides to celebrate 10 years of marriage? The outfit that I wore for the three or so hours in the car was this: a grey and black striped shirt, khaki shorts and those darn grey flannel flats that I so wish I had hidden after wearing them on Wednesday. I normally wouldn’t pair this top with these shorts but it looked fine. I am wearing no accessories as it’s become too much trouble for Buddy to choose anything more than the minimum. Today I asked him, “is this as fun as you thought it would be?” and he emphatically said, “NO!”  He had to pick out my packed outfit for tomorrow and a back-up in case I got barfed on or spilled BBQ sauce all over me. You’ll see tomorrows outfit next – and thank God I didn’t have to wear the back up outfit. It was just weird.

And speaking of BBQ sauce – while visiting Great Wolf Lodge near Williamsburg, VA we found a great place to eat. It’s called Pierce’s and it has been around since 1971 (everything good has been around since 1971). The sauce was on the sweet side with just the right hit of vinegar and they put coleslaw on the pulled pork sandwiches which I thought was super yum. The place is not fancy but the food was delish!


Don’t you love my couch with bears on it and my tree and wolf art? This is in the hotel room. Today’s outfit was very cute. I’m wearing my $15 dress that hit this spring’s trend of ziz zags with a touch of tribal thrown in. He has this paired with some black capri leggings (because he thought it was too short and someone may see my undies) and some simple black flats. It’s cute and comfy and perfect to wear on our drive home.


We made it! I’ve been dressed by my boy for a week. Unlike Little Miss I’m thinking this may be a once in a lifetime event. I had to cajole him into my closet to get my clothes this morning. He basically walked in and grabbed the two things hanging in the front and then reached down and threw a pair of sandles out the door. He did it all in 30 seconds flat and did a super job. Today I’m wearing a orange-ish flowered shirt, a denim pencil skirt and a pair of sandals with an orange strap. My shirt and my sandals may be a little more matchy then I’d pick out but worked just fine. Again I am not wearing any jewlery because it’s just too much trouble.

It was fun to do this with Buddy at first, but when he lost interest and I had to force him into my closet it just seemed like another mom job I had to do. I know the day after Little Miss turns 8 she’ll ask when we can do our yearly dress mom event, but I’m thinking this will be a one and only for Buddy.

Next up I’ll let my neighbor’s half-sister’s cousin’s boyfriend’s brother dress me… or maybe just My Man.

My Daughter Dressed Me For A Week AGAIN! She’s 7.

This little blog I write hasn’t gone viral. Everyone and their mother isn’t talking about what they read on Moving Girl, but it’s also not completely ignored. On any given day I’ll get some visits and over a year 1000 folks or so will check out what I have to say (even though I think maybe 1/3 of those hits may be my mom). The post I wrote that gets the most hits is this little gem that was published last spring – My 6-Year-Old Dressed Me For a Week.   I ended that story with the possibility of this adventure becoming an annual event. That was something Little Miss did not forget.

Little Miss turned 7 four days ago. We’ve ballooned it up, presented it up, partied it up, caked it up, and the days (yes, days of planning – what treat to take to school, what to wear on said birthday, what special meal to eat that night, birthday party plans, who to invite, what kind of cake to have, birthday party having…. I’m exhausted!) of birthday extravaganza are over. Today we were having a quiet morning of coffee drinking, paper reading, and Lego playing when Little Miss came to me and said, “I’m 7 now. Can I dress you for a week?” She remembered….


I had no idea that I’d be embarking on my adventures in dressing when I woke up this morning. I had no time to psych myself up and prepare for interesting combinations of clothes. Two minutes after asking me if she could dress me we were in my closet. I’ve already noticed a difference from age 6 to 7. This year, so far, Little Miss is way more decisive. She entered my closet, pulled down a purple long-sleeve shirt, told me which jeans to wear and was heading out the door. “Wait… what about shoes?” “Oh, yeah,” she said and quickly pulled out a pair of black flats. “What socks should I wear?” Black socks with polka dots were swiftly chosen followed by some dangly greenish-yellow earrings. All this was done in just a few minutes. Everything she chose today is something that I would put together. So far so good….


I’ve tried to like skinny jeans. I own a few pairs and with just the right length of loose-fitting top I feel OK in them… but for the most part I just feel a little sausagey. They are usually the jeans I go to when all my other jeans are dirty. I’m a pear shape and there is just something not so pretty with having that shape outlined tightly. I see plenty of other women look amazing in them… but I just feel a little ugg when I put them on. So, of course today I’m wearing them.

I tend to be a 50% tight clothes kind of woman. If my top is form-fitting, my bottoms will be looser and vice versa. Today my outfit is 100% tight-ish and I feel a little self-conscious. Little Miss Picked out a very cute outfit – that is if it were a two dimensional photo on Pinterest. She picked out a nautical striped blue and off-white tee matched with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. She chose white dangly beaded earings as my accessory. Looks good, I thought, even if it is all a little tight. “I still need shoes,” I told her then left the room. Later I returned to my room to see a pair of tiny white socks with multi-colored polka dots all over them complete with a little pom pom on the heel (they were a gift and perfect to wear around the house – they remind me of my childhood). These socks were paired with a pair of black shoes with a little ballerina bow and kitten heels. MEOW!

I had a yoga class in the morning and Little Miss told me I could pick out my own clothes for that. After yoga I put on my chosen outfit and had to head to the kids’ school to pick them up. Problem #1 –  I usually walk to the school – that was not going to happen in my shoes. I had to drive and felt like a gas waster and lazy girl. Problem #2 – I’m wearing heels with bright polka dot socks. I’m thinking I could pull this look off if I was 21 but 41 is pushing it. In the pick up area I tried to play it cool but I noticed a number of folks giving me a head to toe once over with a pause on my foot wear. The only thing I could think of is – yeah you wish you were this cool. SUCK IT. I’m doing something fun with my girl.

At this point I’m going to apologize for slightly blurry photos – My Man is out-of-town this week so Little Miss is my main photographer. My hair also tends to be wonky because she has me push it behind my ears to show off my earrings. I’m also not used to seeing myself in glasses but LASIK surgery is just around the bend and my eyes are preparing for it by leaving my contacts behind.


Today I’m wearing the sweater I like to wear with my skinny jeans. It’s long and loose and is a nice contrast to tight pants. But, I am not wearing skinny jeans today, I am instead wearing a dark denim boot-cut pair (I really own a lot of jeans) with a striped black and grey shirt and the long sweater. All-in-all not the worst outfit ever – although I think the sweater with the loose-ish jeans makes the whole thing look a little bulky. Little Miss chose pink dangly earrings, black socks with pink flowers,  my watch (which I’ve missed the last couple days – I kept looking at my empty wrist), and a pair of copper-colored ballet flats. The shoes used to be one of my favorite pair – but the toes are all scuffed and so they haven’t seen the light of day all this winter. Today they did and those scuffed toes either need to be fixed up or the shoes need to be sent on their way. They just look tired. I’m thinking they won’t make it to winter 2013.

I was all dressed in my outfit (sans shoes) and ready to face the day when squish. What did I just step in? Blech – cat puke. “Little Miss,” could you get me a new pair of socks? I can’t wear these.” She ran up to my room and returned with a pair of multi-colored striped socks. “Umm, are you sure those go with this outfit,” I asked. And she answered, “Yes! The stripes match your shirt,” and I just had to smile. When Little Miss was 3 she had a go-to outfit of stripes everywhere.


On Tuesday night I told Little Miss this, “tomorrow I will be going to the grocery store and doing chores around the house.” “Got it,” she answered. Got it actually means that she gets it in a totally different way than I would. Today I am wearing a cute little cotton/casual dark grey dress with black tights. This is matched with my big watch, a pair of dangly earrings that look like leaves, a sterling silver heart necklace that My Man gifted me with right before the birth of Little Miss, and 3 inch black patent leather sling back heels. When I saw this get up I did a sigh.

Today I was wearing fancy heels to the Commissary. If any of you have ever shopped at the grocery store on a military base or post or fort or whatever yours is called,  you know that it is the most unglamorous shopping experience EVER. There are some grocery stores that when you walk in you hear angels sing – Wegmans, for example, is just beautiful, Whole Foods makes you feel healthy just by being next to all that whole grain organic goodness, and Trader Joe’s is the hippest of grocery shopping. The Commissary is the old lady wearing an Alfred Dunner pants suit of grocery stores. I LOVE going to the Commissary for its low prices, but the experience is so far from glamorous that I knew my outfit would stand out.

Today I had a BIG whole cart loaded to the top trip to do. I was the best dressed girl in the store and looked longingly at all the moms in their yoga pants, jeans, sneakers, cute flats and the retirees in their sensible shoes. And then I got into it. I pushed that cart and ignored the pain in my toes and pictured myself in one of those fashion shoots you’d see in Vogue where the girl is wearing something very fashionable in the most unlikely of places and I’d pause smiling wildly and look over my shoulder with a heel kicked up. I also remembered a photo I saw on Pinterest (which of course I can’t re-find now) that had some celebrity couple schelping their baby somewhere and the woman was all decked out with killer heels and the caption said “Mundane Task + High Heels = Celebrity”. I put on my fancy walk and worked those grocery store aisles. Then I went home and took those damn shoes off!


I had 2 people tell me I looked really nice before 9AM and neither of them was a family member! I’m wondering if I normally don’t look really nice? Today’s outfit is another dress that happens to be very similar to yesterday’s (am I in a shopping rut?) This one is also grey but made of a wool blend – so it’s a sweater dress – but really the style is just like the dress I wore yesterday. This dress was worn with patterned tights, white dangly beaded earrings, and black flats. Luckily Little Miss likes to walk to school and chose my footwear so we could do just that.  She also had me change my purse to a “cooler” one. I’m OK with that, I like the purse she wanted me to use, but it’s just a little too small to hold all my mom gear. If a kid gets a cut in my vicinity I will NOT be the one to pull out the band aid and a little tube of Neosporin.

I liked today’s outfit. It was cute and comfortable. The only change I would make is no to the patterned tights – the pattern matched the pattern in the top of the dress and I’m just not a matchy matchy person.


I’m wearing the same jeans today that I wore on Tuesday. They are not my favorite pair, but I’m thinking they are Little Miss’ favorite pair. These are matched with a green button down patterned shirt with a black tank top underneath (in case the buttons come open a little), a multi-colored blue lotus flower patterned belt, a pair of purple socks and the same copper-colored ballet flats I wore on Tuesday. I thought this outfit was kind of cute. The shirt and pants looked fine together and if the shoes weren’t so worn out they’d be perfect. My only qualms about this get-up was the crazy mix of pattern with the shirt and belt (which didn’t matter too much because the shirt covered the belt) and the purple socks. I was just too much of a rainbow.


I was sure today I was going to be decked out in a Fancy Nancy getup. For months Little Miss and I were planning this day. It was our girls only trip to the mall to go to Claire’s and also to have lunch at The American Girl Store. I saw myself bedazzled, and bejewled, and so glamerous that all those around me would have to wear sunglasses. Instead, Little Miss completely surprised me! I was completely casual in jeans, a grey sweater, white beaded dangly earrings, black flats and my only flash – black socks with polka dots. I guess she wanted me to be comfortable? Be able to walk all over the mall? Then I took a good look at Little Miss. Yeah, we kind of matched. Jeans, plain shirt, etc. She said she wanted to wear her favorite jeans and wanted me to look like her. Cute, huh?

This was a fun week! Little Miss has definitely toned down her accessory overload from last year and other than some crazy footwear was able to put together some outfits that were totally fine. What I learned is that my little girl rocks, has a good sense of style, and that Spanx tights really do make you look thinner. The last little tid bit I learned from a number of people asking me if I lost weight on Thursday. No, I did not, but my tights are really snug! I probably won’t bring up doing this again when Little Miss turns 8… I have a feeling she’ll be on it and ready to roll. Maybe it’s time to give Buddy a shot?

Ahoy Matey! The Story of the Lost Hoop

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I love to wear hoop earings. I own many sizes, but my go-to pair is the size of a quarter and silver in color. None of my hoops are worth much… because I lose them. Often. Somehow I come home from a day out and about and lo and behold I look in the mirror and I am sporting the pirate look of one hoop earring.

Recently I replaced my  quarter size hoops with a pair that are slightly larger – maybe the size of a 50 cent piece (am I the only one who got these from their Grandpa?). The metal was slightly hammered and these new big hoops made me feel like I was taking my momiform to a new level. After a busy day of cleaning my house, running errands, and volunteering at my kid’s school I ended my day with a big ARRRRH. Ahoy matey – I was wearing one earring.

I placed my lone earring on my dresser in the hopes that the partner would show up.

A week went by. I forgot about the missing earring.

My kids and I walk to and from school. I had just picked up my kids and we were walking on the sidewalk along the school heading home. I looked down and there was my earring setting on the side of the sidewalk! Woo hoo! I gave a little hoot of yee haw and I scooped up my earring and headed home.

If my missing earring had never turned up I probably wouldn’t have given it another thought – but the miraculous recovery of that lost hoop made my day!


I have a momiform. I’ll admit it. Once in my life I was trendy and on top of things fashion-wise… but now I often opt for (I can’t believe I’m saying this) comfort! I’m not saying I have no idea what is going on in fashion… I peruse the pages of Vogue just as I always have I just don’t try to emulate. I have my moments where the fashion girl comes out, but usually I’m pretty happy just grabbing the two main staples of my momiform – jeans and a basic t-shirt.

I may have a pretty plain look – but I do try to pay attention to the details.

1. No to the mom jean. My jeans are not high-waisted, tapered, elasticized, and do not possess too small pockets on the backside.

2. I do not wear beat up sneakers with my jeans and t-shirts. I like rugged boots, little flats, or cute sneakers.

3. My t-shirt must fit well. It is not boxy, too short, too long, too thin or too thick. It is not a crew neck nor does it show off my cleavage (or lack there-of).

My t-shirt. Really I just wanted to write a little bit about my favorite winter long sleeve t-shirts. I wanted to share what I’ve found and why I think these shirts are perfect. I found these shirts last year, purchased one in every color (which you can totally do because they are only $12 each!). They are fitted in a not too tight way, the fabric is soft and doesn’t get all stretched out and baggy looking, the scoop neck is perfect, and did I mention they are only $12? Because I love these t-shirts so much I’m going to share where you too can get one. Drum roll…. Target! I actually was shocked that I’d find such a good shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Target, but their clothes, while cute, don’t hold up too well (at least in my experience). The fabrics shrink or become misshapen or just fade quickly from washing. These t-shirts don’t have any of those problems. They are Merona brand and are called the ULTIMATE tee . I like the “slightly fitted scoop”.  I’m on my 2nd season of wearing these shirts and the only reason I got more was because I’m sloppy and some of last year’s winter shirts just did not make it through the season.

You know when you find something good and you want the world to know (or at least your good friends)? That’s how I feel about these shirts! Let me know if you give them a try.

Fashion Nostalgia

Today as I was doing my duty as a stay-at-home mom and driving my kids back home after soccer practice a teenager rode past us on his bike. I probably wouldn’t have paid him any attention what-so-ever except he was sporting the best Kid ‘n Play hair I’ve seen in a very long time… and his hair made 80’s hip hop tunes turn on in my head and memories flooded in of cruisin’ in my mom’s Camry with my best friends from high school.

80’s re-fashion has been hitting the malls hard in the last few seasons and being a teenager of the 80’s I just can re-do it at 40. I’ve tried. I purchased the cutest of sweater dresses and sinched it at the waist with a big black belt but…. back in 1987 I sported a similar look and I think it looked way better with my big spiral permed hair. I returned the dress.

I was visiting one of my favorite stores today. It’s name is DSW. A month after I got married I had to do my first move with My Man because of his job ( I knew what I was getting into). We were pulling into our new town when I gasped and grabbed him by the arm (he was driving). He shouted, “what?!” thinking we were about to get in a terrible accident and instead I shouted in a breathless, screamy kind of way, “DSW – Designer Shoe Warehouse!” just after I saw the sign (now he knew what he was getting into). When I walk into this store my heart gets a little fluttery because of all the shoe choices. Today I walked out with a pair of chocolate brown ankle boots with a cool stacked heel – but that wasn’t before I noticed an entire row dedicated to docksiders. I’ve seen Sperry’s on all the kids lately – but a whole row? And then… flash back to 8th grade and my pink docksiders (were they Esprit?) that I wore with my flourecent pink sweatshirt, or my pin striped jeans, or my little aqua denim mini skirt… and yeah, I won’t be re-visiting this trend either.

When the 80’s were over I hit the grunge scene hard. I was all about flannels and cut off denim shorts with tights under them. I also sported overalls with a passion.  I recently read an interview with some up-and-coming youngster ( I don’t remember what magazine or what youngster) but it was a fashion magazine and they were asking her where she got her influence. Her response was “I’m very inspired by early 90’s fashion. Clueless is my favorite movie… and blah blah blah” or something like that. I can’t believe that was her reference… is 90’s fashion already old enough to be new again?  I’m more likely to re-hit the 90’s look than I am the 80’s. I was an adult then (albeit a very young one) and my clothes choices weren’t based on what the cool girls were wearing but were based on what I liked. So the other day when I was in Old Navy with Little Miss and walked passed a pair of pint sized overalls I passionately said, “We need these!” Luckily Little Miss was in agreement and I can watch fashion re-emerge through her.