Suxy Lady

Suxy lady.

Gangnam Style by South Korean pop star PSY. It’s everywhere – and all the kids at school know the song, know the dance. Heck, even the teachers at my children’s school did a spoof of the video that was HILARIOUS and super cool. But when Buddy, my six-year-old, is singing suxy lady in the back seat of my car I realize I’ve got some explaining to do.

Me: Are you saying suxy lady?

Bud: Yep.

Me: Do you mean sexy?

Bud: No, I said suxy. That’s what the kids in my class say.

Me: I think the word is sexy. Do you know what that means?

And then I realize that in my quest for my kid to use language correctly and know what he’s talking about I have to figure out a way to explain SEXY to a 1st grader!!! AHHH!

Bud: It means stupid lady.

OH NO!!!! I have to fix this!

Me: I think you’ve got the wrong definition. Is this what the kids at school says it means?

Bud: No, it’s just what I thought.

Me: Well, the word is sexy, not suxy. Sexy means that you like someone so much that you want to hug them and kiss them all over. It’s really a grown up thing – not a kid thing at all. When you’re 18 you can think people are sexy.

I threw the 18 part in there for my benefit. Wishful thinking that my kid won’t do adult things until he’s legally an adult.

Bud: Oh, OK.

I think he got it. I think I explained it in a little kid way. Exhale – yay for mom!

A little later he grabs my leg and hugs me tight and kisses me a bunch and says – is this sexy?

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I screwed up!

Me: And I do this as calmly as possible as I peel him off me. Uh, no. You don’t ever think sexy with your mom. You think it about other people when you’re a grown up.

Bud: Oh, OK.

I really try very hard to be matter of fact with all my kids questions. I want them to know all the words – good and bad – and know what they really mean. I want to be the one to explain what words mean to them so they don’t get the wrong definition elsewhere.

Even though I tried I don’t know if Buddy quite got the sexy thing – I’m not sure he’s ready to grasp it – and I know this because he continues to sing suxy lady as he does his Gagnam Style dance around the house.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lynette on January 18, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    Love this. I think you hit the nail on the head. Simple without too much information. Great job!


  2. Posted by Julie on January 18, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Well done!!


  3. Hi, MovingGirl. Thank you for the ping back with my post on Psy – Gangnam Style. I have raised two boys in the U.S., so I can totally relate your story to myself !


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