Buddy Dressed Me For a Week: Age 5

As many of you know I started a yearly event with Little Miss where I let her pick my clothes out for a week. The first time I did this she was 6 and we repeated the fun at age 7. Shortly after both adventures Buddy has said he’s wanted to do the same thing. I always answer, sure, we’ll start on Sunday and then Sunday comes along and I forget about it and so does he. You see, I just don’t see Buddy as a fashion kind of guy. He’d wear all camoflauge every day if it was clean and tends to pick out his outfits based on what’s on top in his drawer. This past year he’s asked me numerous times and so I decided, what the heck. Let’s let my boy do this.

Little Miss is very particular and we’ve always done the week propery – starting on Sunday. Buddy is a little more flexible so we started this endevour on a Tuesday.


Today I have a hair appointment. Unfortunately my salon had to reschedule the appointment I had last week when my kids were still in school – so I’m dragging along a 5 and 7 year old to a 2 hour appointment.

We’re loaded down with lunch boxes, my iPad, a Leapster Explorer, math work books, and a bunch of paper and some craft supplies. I knew they’d be fine – they’re awesome at self-entertaining. For this adventure Buddy picked out a grey and black striped shirt, a pair of denim capris with a folded cuff, a silver necklace with a little pendant with a black stone, silver earings that look like feathers, my big red watch and sandals in shades of turquoise and snake skin. Not a totally bad outfit. I usually don’t pair this particular shirt with these pants – both are just too loose and I like the tight on top loose on the bottom or vice versa look. I also wouldn’t have paired these shoes with this outfit – too many patterns. But, I wasn’t embarrased to be seen in public so I’ll have just have to say, “Good Start, Buddy!”


Today I’d call my look sherbet. Pink sherbet of some sort. Buddy’s first choice was a very pretty dress that I wear to church or for some sort of nicer occasion than my planned day of doing chores around the house with a quick run to the post office. When he presented it I said, “oh, a fancy dress.” And he replied, “I didn’t know this was fancy,” and then rejected his choice. He then headed to my closet where he picked out a top that is patterned with reds and oranges. He headed to my dresser and opened the drawer where my shorts are (great choice as it’s a 95F degree day) and pulled out a pair that are salmon colored. I’d say for the last 10 years every pair of shorts I’ve owned have been khaki or black or olive green, but since COLOR is all the trend this summer I jumped in and bought these shorts. And I guess I’m wearing them with a very vibrant shirt as well. This outfit was accessorized with a pair of sweet pink earrings and a pair of grey flannel flats that should have been packed away for winter but are not. My feet began sweating the moment I put them on.


If you happened to be at the library or the post office in my town today you would have seen me in this fine ensamble. Today’s outfit consisted of a maroon colored knit top with small white polka dots. This was paired with a light flowy purple flower skirt. The shoes were the same turquoise and snake skin sandals I wore on Tuesday along with the same silver earrings that look like feathers. Around my neck was a choker with a silver chain and a clear glass bead. When I see mixed patterns on others a la Mondo style I’m all for it. It looks great – but there is a way that it has to be done. My pattern mixing was WAY OFF. Mainly it had to do with the weight of the chosen fabrics. The heavy top with the flowy skirt was just wrong, but I love my boy and so I owned this miss matched look.


The clothes I’m wearing today are exactly something I would pick out. Simple and cute. My orangish top (by the way one of my FAVORITE colors to wear – so excited it’s all over the stores this season) paired with a pair of denim cargo capris. I’m free of accessories except for Buddy who I wore all day as a belt. OK, not really, but wouldn’t that have been funny? One thing I found out today is that Buddy does not have the stamina for an entire week of this stuff. I’m kind of forcing him along and he seems to be just haphazardly grabbing things out of my closet and calling it good. Today’s big dilema was my shoes. He said I had too many and none of them went with my outfit so I should just pick them out myself. I told him this adventure doesn’t work that way so I guess I’ll be heading out with no shoes on. He then did a big sigh, entered my closet and literally threw out a pair of black flats that I wear all the time. “Wear these,” he said. I have a feeling that I may be looking less and less together as the week unfolds.


Today we are a traveling family and my feet will be sweating. Yesterday My Man and I hit the 10 year mark on our marriage – and to celebrate we decided to go do something fun as a family. That fun is checking out the Great Wolf Lodge. This place is known for it’s kid friendly atmosphere – from bunk beds in the rooms to story time in PJ’s every evening. My Man and I were just excited to hit the HUGE indoor water park. Who doesn’t want to hurl their bodies down giant water slides to celebrate 10 years of marriage? The outfit that I wore for the three or so hours in the car was this: a grey and black striped shirt, khaki shorts and those darn grey flannel flats that I so wish I had hidden after wearing them on Wednesday. I normally wouldn’t pair this top with these shorts but it looked fine. I am wearing no accessories as it’s become too much trouble for Buddy to choose anything more than the minimum. Today I asked him, “is this as fun as you thought it would be?” and he emphatically said, “NO!”  He had to pick out my packed outfit for tomorrow and a back-up in case I got barfed on or spilled BBQ sauce all over me. You’ll see tomorrows outfit next – and thank God I didn’t have to wear the back up outfit. It was just weird.

And speaking of BBQ sauce – while visiting Great Wolf Lodge near Williamsburg, VA we found a great place to eat. It’s called Pierce’s and it has been around since 1971 (everything good has been around since 1971). The sauce was on the sweet side with just the right hit of vinegar and they put coleslaw on the pulled pork sandwiches which I thought was super yum. The place is not fancy but the food was delish!


Don’t you love my couch with bears on it and my tree and wolf art? This is in the hotel room. Today’s outfit was very cute. I’m wearing my $15 dress that hit this spring’s trend of ziz zags with a touch of tribal thrown in. He has this paired with some black capri leggings (because he thought it was too short and someone may see my undies) and some simple black flats. It’s cute and comfy and perfect to wear on our drive home.


We made it! I’ve been dressed by my boy for a week. Unlike Little Miss I’m thinking this may be a once in a lifetime event. I had to cajole him into my closet to get my clothes this morning. He basically walked in and grabbed the two things hanging in the front and then reached down and threw a pair of sandles out the door. He did it all in 30 seconds flat and did a super job. Today I’m wearing a orange-ish flowered shirt, a denim pencil skirt and a pair of sandals with an orange strap. My shirt and my sandals may be a little more matchy then I’d pick out but worked just fine. Again I am not wearing any jewlery because it’s just too much trouble.

It was fun to do this with Buddy at first, but when he lost interest and I had to force him into my closet it just seemed like another mom job I had to do. I know the day after Little Miss turns 8 she’ll ask when we can do our yearly dress mom event, but I’m thinking this will be a one and only for Buddy.

Next up I’ll let my neighbor’s half-sister’s cousin’s boyfriend’s brother dress me… or maybe just My Man.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Absolutely adore this post and the looks are great! Love the Sunday print dress – its stunning!!!



  2. I love that you do this. Such a great idea!


    • It’s actually pretty nice not having to pick out my own clothes everyday – even if there is the possibility that I may look a touch of off.


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