Buddy Cracks me UP


For those of you who get sick of cute kids stories go ahead and skip this read because I’m going to talk about Buddy today.

Many years ago I remember seeing an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker on Oprah. Actually I think it may have been the entire cast of Sex in The City – could have been movie promotion time – and she was talking about her son. He was 5 at the time and she said something to the effect that she wished she could just bottle up 5-year-old boy because there is nothing like it. I agree. While 5 has it’s difficult moments, it’s also full of joy and questions and insights and nerf guns and army guys and getting bad guys and cool facts about bugs and snakes and trucks and the belief that super heros are REAL and it makes me smile daily.

Little Miss has Daisy’s after school every other week. On those days it’s just Buddy and I (or is it me and Buddy?) We walk home and he picks up every stick he finds on the way home. At home he chills or maybe does some homework or plays in the big bush in the back yard. It’s just the two of us for an hour and it’s nice mother-son time. When it’s time to head out to get Little Miss I’ll usually say, “get your shoes on, it’s time to go”. The other day he wanted to wear his new sandals. I said, “it’s a little cold for sandals.” He said, “Oh,” and ran upstairs. He came down with his socks on and then proceeded to put his sandals on WITH THE SOCKS. I have a big problem with the sandals and socks combo but I want him to have his own sense of style and trust himself for getting dressed. I said to myself over and over, don’t say a word, don’t say a word but I couldn’t hold it in! Next thing I know he’ll be begging for a pair of Birkenstocks and playing hacky sack with some dudes in a public space! “Bud, I’m not a big fan of socks with sandals.” He went on to tell me the virtues of the look and all the pros without an ounce of con and wore them that way out and about. Yay to personal style, and I’m glad he held his own, but I get heart palpetations just thinking of future sock/sandal outings.

Buddy is Army obsessed. Guns, tanks, bombs, camoflage… all of it is as cool as can be. Now My Man just may work for another branch of the armed services and may just be a little irked about this whole Army obsession but has to agree that all that stuff is pretty neat for a little boy. Now me… I’m pretty liberal when it comes to war and guns and all that stuff and I’d probably even consider to label myself a pacifist when it comes to the whole solving problems with violence thing so all of this stuff is hard for me to take. A few weeks back Buddy and I were driving somewhere and out of the blue he says “I like President Obama.” Hmmm, in our politically divided house was he going to be going the way of the Democrat? I started to smile and say something when he completed his thought with “Yeah, I like him because his name has the word bomb in it.” As in bombs are cool…. ahhh…. what does a mom say to that?!

I’m finishing UP with another topic…my family just watched the movie Up. What a great movie! It was funny, well written, had interesting characters and was fun for our ENTIRE family to watch. I can’t recommend it more. I like the ideas of adventure and fufilling dreams that swarm throughout the film and I liked that dogs could “talk”. And I think Buddy has perfected the Kevin screech. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out and let me know if you liked it too.


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