Catalog Perfection… Seriously NOT Going To Happen

I love when my fantasy decorating catalogs come in the mail. I know you know what I’m talking about. Perfect pages of uber organizing and kid room perfection from the likes of Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod.  I peruse those pages and think if only I had the money, or the time, or the desire, I too could have a perfectly coordinated organized home.

For the most part I’m pretty OK with the way my house is organized. My clothes are not neatly folded, the junk drawer is just that, but everything has a place and the folks who live here know that. What really gets me is just the sheer amount of stuff we have that needs a place and the lack of some family members to follow through with putting said stuff where it belongs.

That being said, here is an illustration of what Little Miss’ room looks like. She has a bin to place most items and shelves to put said bins on but she plays with her stuff and so it’s out and everywhere and  generally her room is a clutterful mess. Little Miss looks at the same catalogs and says she want her room to look like what she sees but then there is no follow through.

I’m glad we don’t live in perfection – how hard would that be to maintain?! I recently saw a photo in The Land of Nod catalog that I just found outrageous. In it was a photo of a little boy who looks about 4 wearing his perfectly cut up overalls and he was painting on an easel… on a rug! Come on! Anyone with a little kid knows that you don’t whip out the paint unless the kid is wearing a smock (or stripped down) and that easel will not be in a playroom with coordinated furniture and a beautiful blue rag rug – it’ll be in the kitchen or on tile or there will be some weird plastic table-cloth from 2 holidays ago under the easel catching every bit of mess. That photo was my tipping point… after seeing that I was unable to suspend my disbelief for one more minute. My home will never be catalog perfect…. and thank God for that!


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