Ahoy Matey! The Story of the Lost Hoop

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I love to wear hoop earings. I own many sizes, but my go-to pair is the size of a quarter and silver in color. None of my hoops are worth much… because I lose them. Often. Somehow I come home from a day out and about and lo and behold I look in the mirror and I am sporting the pirate look of one hoop earring.

Recently I replaced my  quarter size hoops with a pair that are slightly larger – maybe the size of a 50 cent piece (am I the only one who got these from their Grandpa?). The metal was slightly hammered and these new big hoops made me feel like I was taking my momiform to a new level. After a busy day of cleaning my house, running errands, and volunteering at my kid’s school I ended my day with a big ARRRRH. Ahoy matey – I was wearing one earring.

I placed my lone earring on my dresser in the hopes that the partner would show up.

A week went by. I forgot about the missing earring.

My kids and I walk to and from school. I had just picked up my kids and we were walking on the sidewalk along the school heading home. I looked down and there was my earring setting on the side of the sidewalk! Woo hoo! I gave a little hoot of yee haw and I scooped up my earring and headed home.

If my missing earring had never turned up I probably wouldn’t have given it another thought – but the miraculous recovery of that lost hoop made my day!


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