The Kids and Their Christmas Secrets

When my kids were very small just about everything they thought was for me to know as well.  As they get older I get further away from their inner worlds. This year they did a super job keeping Christmas secrets from me.

Buddy created a beautiful pinch pot in art class. The little dish that he made from his own hands, painted brightly, placed in a decorated bag along with a note that says “To My Family, From Buddy” is one of the sweetest things I ever saw. Buddy and My Man also went on a secret shopping adventure and found the perfect Christmas snow globe to add to my collection. It’s a ballerina dancing in glitter. I’m neither super girly nor a dancer of any type so at first I was a little curious as to the choice of the present. Then I wound up the music box in it and out poured the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies and I got it. This has been the year of The Nutcracker. Not only did I take Buddy and Little Miss to see a kid production of the ballet, they also got to see a filmed version in their music classes at school. We’ve talked a lot about the ballet and the story and we’ve listened to the music. That snow globe is perfect for Our Family, 2011.

My Man asked Little Miss if she wanted to go out shopping to get me a gift. She said, “no, I made mommy something.” This morning I opened a wrapped box. In it were two little pieces of paper written in six-year-old handwriting. One piece said, “I love you mom!” and the other one said “go to your room”. Cool! Not only did I get a little message of love I get to go on a treasure hunt! I headed up to my room and Little Miss ran ahead of me. When I got to my room Little Miss gave me a giant hug and said, “Here’s your present. A big hug.”

If I had a video of me as I typed this you would see a smiling woman. Just thinking about their sweet presents makes me smile and my heart is full of my love for them. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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