Boots, Number Lines, and The State Bird of Ohio

The other day I was at my kids’ school. I was heading to Little Miss’ classroom and was going to spend some time doing some volunteer stuff. I was walking down the hall with a sassy strut. You see, I was wearing awesome boots. They have big thick “wooden” heels and as I was walking through that building I was feeling like a pretty cool mom as I heard the clomp, clomp, clomp of the boots on that tile floor. But….just as I was thinking about how cool I felt… ah… oh… slip… kerplunk. My foot slipped forward, I actually said to myself, “I’m going to fall,” and then I fell. Somehow I went from falling backwards to forward and landed on all fours.  Luckily there were only two people in the hall – a mom I know from Buddy’s class taking her son to the classroom. Unluckily there was only two people in the hall – two people I knew! I was embarrassed and glad that I didn’t get hurt. I truly think it was the universe/God/the powers that be that knocked me on my ass to remind me to not be so full of myself – even if I am wearing kick ass boots.

Little Miss was working on her homework. It’s easy addition and she can do it in her head but her teacher wants her to use a number line or “magic dots“. I’m all for her learning these techniques as they will help her as her math becomes more complicated. She saw it another way – picture her face starting to crumple and her voice getting all jaggedy as she’s faced with the task of doing her work in a way she doesn’t want to. It was then that I asked her, “would you wait a minute?” “For what?” she asked. “I want to get the camera so I can take a picture of you freaking out over homework to show your teacher.” “No, don’t!” she yelled and there was insta-fine composure. You see, Little Miss thinks her teacher is AMAZING (and she is). There is no way Little Miss would want her teacher to know that anything she threw at her was “too much.” The homework was finished and the evening continued.

Today at breakfast this is the conversation I had with Buddy.

Buddy: We need a bird feeder in winter for the cardinals.

Me: Yes, we do.

Buddy: The cardinal is Ohio’s state bird.

Me: Really? Where did you learn that?

Buddy: In school!

Me: You are so smart…

Buddy: Am I knocking your socks off?

Me (big smile): You totally are!

And I googled… the state bird of Ohio is the cardinal. My socks are officially off.


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