I have a momiform. I’ll admit it. Once in my life I was trendy and on top of things fashion-wise… but now I often opt for (I can’t believe I’m saying this) comfort! I’m not saying I have no idea what is going on in fashion… I peruse the pages of Vogue just as I always have I just don’t try to emulate. I have my moments where the fashion girl comes out, but usually I’m pretty happy just grabbing the two main staples of my momiform – jeans and a basic t-shirt.

I may have a pretty plain look – but I do try to pay attention to the details.

1. No to the mom jean. My jeans are not high-waisted, tapered, elasticized, and do not possess too small pockets on the backside.

2. I do not wear beat up sneakers with my jeans and t-shirts. I like rugged boots, little flats, or cute sneakers.

3. My t-shirt must fit well. It is not boxy, too short, too long, too thin or too thick. It is not a crew neck nor does it show off my cleavage (or lack there-of).

My t-shirt. Really I just wanted to write a little bit about my favorite winter long sleeve t-shirts. I wanted to share what I’ve found and why I think these shirts are perfect. I found these shirts last year, purchased one in every color (which you can totally do because they are only $12 each!). They are fitted in a not too tight way, the fabric is soft and doesn’t get all stretched out and baggy looking, the scoop neck is perfect, and did I mention they are only $12? Because I love these t-shirts so much I’m going to share where you too can get one. Drum roll…. Target! I actually was shocked that I’d find such a good shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Target, but their clothes, while cute, don’t hold up too well (at least in my experience). The fabrics shrink or become misshapen or just fade quickly from washing. These t-shirts don’t have any of those problems. They are Merona brand and are called the ULTIMATE tee . I like the “slightly fitted scoop”.  I’m on my 2nd season of wearing these shirts and the only reason I got more was because I’m sloppy and some of last year’s winter shirts just did not make it through the season.

You know when you find something good and you want the world to know (or at least your good friends)? That’s how I feel about these shirts! Let me know if you give them a try.


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