The Reluctant Crafter, Part 2

I’ve yet again been forced to craft. In this instance it was for Little Miss. Her bedroom in our new home has a “garden” theme and she was dead set on a flowery lampshade. As I couldn’t find a cute one to purchase, I re-did what she already had and this is what happened.

A plain red lampshade and my trusty glue gun.
The supplies.
Getting organized.
Finished product, angle 1.
Finished product, angle 2.
Little Miss and her new flower lampshade!

As far as crafting projects go, this one was pretty darn easy. The most difficult part of the entire process was shopping for flowers with Little Miss. She had a budget of $10 and because of the magnitude of the decision-making (and the too many choices) there were tears shed at our local Michael’s. With every ounce of my being I stayed “calm mom” and didn’t shout out, “Just pick out some damn flowers already!” as she cried and hemmed and hawed and finally figured out what would look good. I had fun working on this with her and am hoping with all my heart that neither of my kids decide to be something for Halloween that will make me be crafty again.


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