Fashion Nostalgia

Today as I was doing my duty as a stay-at-home mom and driving my kids back home after soccer practice a teenager rode past us on his bike. I probably wouldn’t have paid him any attention what-so-ever except he was sporting the best Kid ‘n Play hair I’ve seen in a very long time… and his hair made 80’s hip hop tunes turn on in my head and memories flooded in of cruisin’ in my mom’s Camry with my best friends from high school.

80’s re-fashion has been hitting the malls hard in the last few seasons and being a teenager of the 80’s I just can re-do it at 40. I’ve tried. I purchased the cutest of sweater dresses and sinched it at the waist with a big black belt but…. back in 1987 I sported a similar look and I think it looked way better with my big spiral permed hair. I returned the dress.

I was visiting one of my favorite stores today. It’s name is DSW. A month after I got married I had to do my first move with My Man because of his job ( I knew what I was getting into). We were pulling into our new town when I gasped and grabbed him by the arm (he was driving). He shouted, “what?!” thinking we were about to get in a terrible accident and instead I shouted in a breathless, screamy kind of way, “DSW – Designer Shoe Warehouse!” just after I saw the sign (now he knew what he was getting into). When I walk into this store my heart gets a little fluttery because of all the shoe choices. Today I walked out with a pair of chocolate brown ankle boots with a cool stacked heel – but that wasn’t before I noticed an entire row dedicated to docksiders. I’ve seen Sperry’s on all the kids lately – but a whole row? And then… flash back to 8th grade and my pink docksiders (were they Esprit?) that I wore with my flourecent pink sweatshirt, or my pin striped jeans, or my little aqua denim mini skirt… and yeah, I won’t be re-visiting this trend either.

When the 80’s were over I hit the grunge scene hard. I was all about flannels and cut off denim shorts with tights under them. I also sported overalls with a passion.  I recently read an interview with some up-and-coming youngster ( I don’t remember what magazine or what youngster) but it was a fashion magazine and they were asking her where she got her influence. Her response was “I’m very inspired by early 90’s fashion. Clueless is my favorite movie… and blah blah blah” or something like that. I can’t believe that was her reference… is 90’s fashion already old enough to be new again?  I’m more likely to re-hit the 90’s look than I am the 80’s. I was an adult then (albeit a very young one) and my clothes choices weren’t based on what the cool girls were wearing but were based on what I liked. So the other day when I was in Old Navy with Little Miss and walked passed a pair of pint sized overalls I passionately said, “We need these!” Luckily Little Miss was in agreement and I can watch fashion re-emerge through her.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sure Little Miss is glad her mom is not rocking shorts overalls with tights. 🙂 I am a fellow DSW addict–I live for those rare yellow 80-off stickers.

    P.S. Thanks for the link!


    • Little Miss may do something just that fabulous with her overalls. Today she told me that her style isn’t like anyone elses in her class and she likes being different. She’s 6. I think she’s a seriously cool kid.


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