Who Needs a Handyman? I’m a Handywoman!

Silicone caulking extruded from a caulking gun

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I don’t like fixing things. I’d much rather have someone else do the fixing. I’m not mechanically inclined. I can’t look at a machine of some sort and figure out how it all goes together. I can put together do-it-yourself furniture but I’m grumpy the entire time. Luckily I have a husband who is handy and can fix things and I’m perfectly happy letting him have that part of our marriage. I will take laundry and bathroom cleaning over home repair.

But…my husband works a bunch, or is out of town, or has a HUGE to do list of his own and sometimes does clean the bathroom… and in those instances I must suck it up and become handy. Pre-marriage I was totally capable of figuring out how to fix things, but when I don’t have to I just won’t, that is until I do.

The entire fixing episode began with a chore that is mostly all mine… cleaning the bathroom. I don’t know about any of you, but when I move into a new home it gets scoured clean. I have to start fresh so all dirt is mine and not some random dirt from long ago. I was doing my super clean thing to the shower stall in the master bathroom (1960’s closet of a master bath by the way) when I went a little too far. The caulking around the shower door was a little moldy and as I went to town with my scrub brush I removed more than the mold. I was hoping that the caulking that fell out was just extra stuff that wasn’t actually needed, but alas the next time (and the next, and the next…. it took me a little while to accept the fact that I needed to fix something) I took a shower there was a big puddle of water on the floor by the shower doors. I am in a rental, and my landlords are so fabulous that they probably would fix my leaky shower door for me, but since I was the cause of the leak I didn’t think that would be fair…. so I came to terms with the fact that I needed to fix my leaky shower. But, I had no idea just how to do that. So I did what everyone does these days when faced with a dilemma… I googled.

Google led me to a bunch of information. There were a number of videos on YouTube that explained how to caulk a shower. It looked pretty easy, remove old caulk, line edges with blue painters tape, squirt in new, smear with your finger, and done. I can do that! Then I found THE BEST on-line list of instructions in a DIY chatroom. Mr. Nester Kelebay was able to squeeze in some time while making some home-brew to post some very explicit instructions that are phenomenal. These are easy to understand, step-by-step directions with product names to use. Mr. Kelebay I thank you!

So, I did what he said. And my shower was re-caulked. And then it leaked in one spot. So I re-did the caulking in the leaky spot. And then another spot leaked. I then had to re-caulk a much larger possibly poorly done section. But now, a week has passed, and it seems water tight, and I did it myself. I did not enjoy the job the first time I did it, nor did I enjoy re-doing it since, but I now have a certain skill set I didn’t possess before and that makes me feel mighty proud… and handy!


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