Impending Doom Makes Me Want to Bake

Best chocolate chip cookies I've made in decades.

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I felt my first earthquake. I didn’t just feel a slight tremor from 500 miles  away –I live in the state where it occurred. I know that Californians, left and right, are totally making fun of the amount of attention we East Coasters have given to this past Tuesday’s smallish seismic event… but if it’s new territory, it’s new territory… and feeling the ground beneath you swell is out of the ordinary for Virginia.

I’ve been a Virginian for just about 7 weeks, and in the days following  the quake (as everyone and their mother were discussing) all those who have lived here for years have assured me that stuff like this doesn’t happen.

Details: I was outside pulling weeds. My kids were in the house, upstairs, watching movies on my iPad. I heard a rumble and thought, what’s that? Explosion? Then saw the ground move and KNEW it was an earthquake. I was really in a panic to get to my kids as fast as I could. I jumped over a large bucket full of weeds, ran through a gate, around my house, and to my front door. By the time I got to the door the entire thing was over and my kids were at the door saying, “what was that?” and I in a bit of a frenzy shouted, “are you OK? It was an earthquake, come outside. ” I was a shook up, literally and figuratively. My biggest fear was that my children would be hurt and I wasn’t right there to stop that from happening.  They were fine, I was fine, the dog and cat were fine; the only casualties were two framed photos that leaped off my shelves and broke to smithereens.

My children weren’t scared at all. If they hear thunder they are on high alert (living in the land of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes for most of their childhood has taught them a thing or two) but the entire house shaking around them meant nothing. There were lots of questions and discussion about what to do if there was ever another. Two nights ago there was an aftershock at 1AM. I was asleep and probably would have slept through it if it wasn’t for a screaming child running down the stairs yelling earthquake. Buddy was following my directions of getting out of the house but the entire thing was over by the time I made it out of my room.

If the earthquake wasn’t enough of an event for the week, Miss Hurricane Irene is headed my direction. I’m far enough in-land that the National Weather Service has my county in a tropical storm warning… but there are trees everywhere… and I have a feeling that the winds that will be blowing through will do their share of damage… both to the homes and cars of those around me and to the power lines. I’m wishing I had let My Man get a generator when he tossed around the idea a few years back.

So, I’m going to bake some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow. There is something about the idea of being stuck in the house, that makes me want to bake. I’m pretty sure the last blizzard I was in produced some cookies as well. I just want to be sure to get them made before the power goes out.


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