Time For a New Mattress

Mattress pocket springs

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Our mattress was 12 years old. It was pre-me and comes from My Man’s single days. It’s been to 5 states and has been moved 6 times. It was still holding strong until this last move. It was done-in. The softness was all gone and my back would ache every morning when I’d get up. That could be a whole 40-year-old thing but I’m going to blame it on the mattress. It was time to go shopping.

We started off laying on some beds at a furniture store (the $3000 one was oh so comfy but beyond what we wanted to spend) and then Ikea where we decided we could do better. These bed testings were a little comical… I would lay down, My Man would lay down, and then Little Miss and Buddy would pounce in between us bouncing and flopping and singing the praises of each one. My Man and I had no true idea if any of these beds were really right on or not.

Then the Grandparents came for a visit and we were able to ditch the kids to do some proper mattress shopping. We first went to a place called Mattress Land who claim to be the biggest mattress store IN THE WORLD. It is one of those stores that is half rugs (all marked a crazy high price but are “on-sale” for half what they’re marked) and the rest mattresses. This store may have been a bit on the shabby side (missing ceiling tiles and such) but they did have a big selection and the one man working there totally left us alone to try out as many beds as we wanted. He didn’t try to sell us on coils or memory foam or pillow tops. He just let us flop around and check it all out. We narrowed it down to a memory foam topped mattress that we just sank into. It was marked at $xxxx (just above our bed budget) and when I asked the man working if that was the best he could do (mattresses and cars – never settle for sticker price) he said, with some indeterminate (to me) accent “No, that bed is changing it’s pattern and if I have any left I can give it to you with delivery and removal of your old bed for $xxxx ($700 less than asking price!).” Now, My Man and I had just been gifted some mattress money from his parents and this quote would be pretty much covered. It sounded great to us… but before we could sign, seal, and have the bed delivered we needed to head across the street to Mattress Warehouse and see what they had to offer.

Mattress Warehouse was a different type of store. It was very well-lit, clean, and we were pounced upon by a sales person. He was a largish man and also had some sort of indistinguishable ( to me)  accent. He showed us a very small piece of a mattress and described how the beds were built, asked us a few questions about what we were looking for in a bed, and then stood over us as we tried out a few. It just bugged… but we did find a bed we liked. It was a Simmons, mid-range with a big cushy pillow top. The bed sold for $xxxx but was on sale for $xxxx. On top of that there was a delivery and “recycling” fee of close to $xxx. This bed was still within budget, but we’d have to shell out more.

At this point we found two beds we liked and one was $500 less than the other. We decided we needed to hit the Starbucks next door and discuss. We thanked the sales man and started to leave when he said, “Wait! What can I do to get you to walk out the door with this mattress.” I answered, “Sell it to us with delivery and removal for $xxxx (same price we were quoted for the other less expensive bed across the street).” My Man just sits back in situations like this. He knows I’m the negotiator. The salesman made a gafaw noise. “Where do you get this amount?” he asked. I told him that we found a bed across the street that we liked that we could get for that. He said, “Lay down on the bed. I make a phone call. I see what I can do.” My Man and I layed back down on the bed (comfy!) and talked quietly about the situation. I watched the salesman. He did not make a phone call. He picked up his calculator and calculated something. After a few minutes My Man and I got up. At this point the salesman pulls two chairs to his desk and says, “Sit. We do this.” I said, “$xxxx for everything?” He says, “Yes, yes, we do this.”

So now the dilemma. Two beds, same price. We thanked the salesman and said we needed to think it over. Finally we got our Starbucks. We did the whole pros and cons thing. We ended up heading back to Mattressland and getting that Simmons bed.

It is so plush that you don’t bounce when you sit on it… you sink. My back pain was not old age… it was old bed. And, the whole negotiating thing… so fun. I know many people don’t like anything to do with squabbling over money, but I enjoy seeing what kind of deal I can get. And in this case I got a pretty darn good bed.


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