Drama x2

My children have two personas. There is the polite, well-behaved, aren’t I cute? show they put on when they are out and about. And, I’d say 90% of the time I get that show as well.

Then there is the home show. The show that is saved especially for me and My Man to deal with. Buddy has a helpless streak. A, “my leg hurts and I can only crawl at a snail’s pace to my sneakers to put them on before we head out.” Buddy is also good at “I’m hysterical about something or other and the only thing that will make it better is a hug from mom”. Seriously, he is then  INSTA-FINE.

Little Miss has her own streak of drama. While Buddy’s drama tends to lean more towards the helpless side (whiney I can’t do anything and must have help from Mom and Dad to even stand up!) Little Miss’s is loud and obnoxious with wailing, tears, a screech thrown in for good measure (although the screeches have subsided after she learned that after each one her beloved Blankie would be placed in time out for 24 hours), and general hissy fits about something or other.

We joined a pool in our new neighborhood. And pool joining in Northern Virginia is bucks. So, I’m making sure that we hit that pool every chance we can get to get our money’s worth. In my mind, pool = fun. The other day we were getting ready to go swim. I sent the kids to their rooms to get their suits on. Me, suited up. Buddy, suited up. Little Miss, pitching a good ole fashioned fit about her bathing suits not feeling good. She has a number to choose from and each one was too big, or too small, or just not right. There were wails, and tears, and flailing of arms and maybe even a foot stomp or two (she is going to be so good at the “you just don’t understand” flip outs she’ll have in her teen years) While she was pitching away I turned to Buddy and said, “I guess we won’t be going to the pool until your sister calms down. You know her…” And he answered, “yeah, hers a freak out mess”. His pro-noun usage may be a bit off but he nailed it with his description.

Even if Little Miss is a “freak out mess” and Buddy is a puddle of helplessness on the floor I love these two little munchkins so much it makes me a little teary eyed and heart achy. I’ll take my 10% of mess for getting to share in their little lives 100%.


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