Just Moved

I had these visions of me writing a witty travel log as I made my move from small town AL to Northern VA with a two-week stop in Chicago (perfect half-way point between the two places, don’t you think?) but I didn’t.

I’ve spent the past six weeks either packing, traveling, sight-seeing, or unpacking. I’m finally kind of settled (down to 10 boxes to unpack) and am ready to stop living in limbo and climb right into the new life I’m going to create.

I’ve been in my new digs for three weeks. I got a library card,  joined a pool,  and signed the kids up for soccer. I’ve tried the nearest pizza place, actually found a restaurant that specializes in New Mexican cuisine  (WOO HOO to green chile), and have started my list of all the other foods I want to try (it’s been YEARS since I’ve lived in such a melting pot!). I know where the post office is, got a new drivers license, and found the closest Target.

I’m optimistic about my new location and while I’m glad I moved here with a hand full of friends in place, I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I like to connect to a place and I find I do that best by connecting to the people who live there.

Let the latest adventure begin!


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