Yard Sale Glee

Yard Sale Northern California May 2005. This i...

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If you like to shop at yard sales, tag sales, estate sales, garage sales… whatever you will call them, then you know that giddy feeling you get right as you exit your car. I wonder what kind of cool stuff I’ll find?  I’m a yard sale girl. I grew up heading to flea makets, antique stores, stopping at yard sales as my dad shopped to add to his toy collection. Sure I spent many an hour hanging out in the car reading books, but I also learned how to haggle, get a box of stuff for just one good thing in there, and quickly gage whether the venue was filled with junk or hidden treasure.

I recently found two websites that can help you plan your next Saturday morning adventure (or Thursday morning if you live in the Dayton, OH area – I’m still perplexed that Thursday is the big yard sale day in that neck of the woods).

The first website is called yardsaletreasuremap.com. This site allows you to put your address in. It then will scour Craig’s List ads for sales in your area. It will then plan a route for you to check out the sales closest to your location.

The second website is called estatesales.net. This lists estate sales in your area. These sales can be cut throat – eBayers and collectors will be waiting at the doors  to grab the best stuff. I’m happy to head in hours later just to be lucky enough to find cool trinkets and make up stories about the person who used to live in the house as I look at all their stuff.

I’m on a yard sale hiatus at the moment… something about an upcoming move just does not lend itself to purchasing a bunch of stuff… but once I get settled in my new digs I’ll be more than happy to explore my new town one yard sale at a time.


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