My 6-Year-Old Dressed Me For a Week

It started on a Friday, late afternoon. I had just popped on my computer to check my email when a headline for a story caught my eye. It said, Dare: I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me. It was an article written by  Sarah Carrillo for who took a dare to let her boyfriend pick her outfits for a week… including accessories. As I was reading it I turned to my Man and said, “could you pick my outfits out for a week?” and he answered, “Oh… I could pick out your outfits,” in such a way that made me fear what kind of get-ups he’d have me wear. Then I said, “maybe I should have Little Miss do it?” in which he answered, “she’d probably do a much better job than me,” and an idea was born.

Little Miss is 6 and has been picking out her own clothes since she was 17 months old (that’s when Buddy came along and I was too tired and/or nursing all the time so I’d say, go get your clothes, and she would). She has a great sense of style and when I posed the project to her the only concern she had was that we start on a Sunday so it would truly be the beginning of the week.

We had a little prep time on Saturday afternoon where I gave her a tour of my closet and she went through my jewelry box to see which rings fit which fingers. And then we began. She’d pick the outfit out the day before based on what activities I had going on.


Two outfits were picked out for today. One to wear to church and the other for “hanging out” the rest of the day.

The church outfit is pretty fancy. The flowered dress I bought for Easter (Easter in the South. I’m not sure this dress will see the light of day when we head north) which I wore with some dusty pink  sling backs. Little Miss chose a high wedge sandal that has a flower on the front to “match the flowers in the dress.” It was a fine combination. But then came the accessories. I was wearing a ring that had a few stones missing (because it was a flower – must match the dress), green dangly earings and a necklace that was a chain of little silver flowers with turquoise colored middles. And then the surprise accessory… Little Miss herself. It seems she picked this outfit out so that we could match (and I am not a match my family kind of woman – in fact if my Man and I happen to have matching shirts on one of us is changing). For her own outfit she chose a pink floral dress, sandals with flowers, and a flowered ring.


My hang-out outfit was fine. It was one of my favorite shirts matched with a pair of denim capris. She did pull out a ring I’ve had since the 9th grade (she’s big on rings, and I have a lot, I was a ring on every finger kind of girl in the early 90’s). Normally I wear just a plain jane white gold wedding band and that’s it. Little Miss was making sure that my fingers would be well adorned. She chose some white dangly beaded earrings that my friend Andrea (check out Locust Lane Designs) made me years ago and a pair of  navy blue Keds for my feet.


She entered my closet and said, “you have so many clothes it’s so hard to choose!” Little does she know that my current wardrobe is just a shadow of the number of clothes I owned when I worked in retail. She fingered a 60’s vintage Hawaiian dress and said,” could you wear this?” I said, “you’re in charge” out loud and in my head I was thinking I would be the fanciest girl at Target. She moved on and pulled the sleeve of a denim jacket that I’ve owned 9 years and have worn a handful of times but can’t seem to get rid of. “I know,” she said. She then pulled down a denim a-line skirt, picked a patterned orange and red top and red platform cork soled sandals. She said I would be wearing this with the denim jacket. I said, “Really? A jacket? It’s supposed to be 90F.” She said, “OK, you only have to wear it if you get chilly.” She also picked out an amber ring that I bought in Boston when I was in college (and is broken), copper-colored stud ball earings, and a silver chain necklace.

On Monday morning I put on the outfit but there was a problem. The skirt she picked out (which is circa pre-my Man and that I’ve  that held on to all this time  because it’s not a mini, it’s a nice cut, and I don’t look like a home-school mom when I wear it) really is just too big. It’s 2 sizes larger than I wear now and when it came right down to it I really didn’t want to be photographed in a skirt that added bulk to my bulkiest area. So I said, “Little Miss, this skirt is a bit big (and showed her the gap between the fabric and my waist). “Should I wear it anyways or do you want to choose something else?” She said, “Yard sale the skirt, wear these instead,” and she picked a pair of denim cargo capris. Not only did she pick out a cute outfit for me, but he helped me to get rid of a skirt that I’ve had for way too long.

 (Ignore the slight blurriness, Buddy took the photo, he’s 4)


The one thing I realized about myself is that I rarely put on my “real outfit” when I run the kids to school. I throw on some workout clothes (cute, of course, no schlumpy sweats), take them to school, come home and… well… work out or do chores or play Words with Friends and get really dressed later in the morning. This week I put on my pre-chosen outfit first thing in the morning…. and with accessories I am way more dressed than I usually am at 7:30 AM.

When Little Miss was choosing my outfit today there was another fingering of the Hawaiian mini dress (let’s see if she actually chooses it sometime this week…) but she went with a black cotton casual dress with pockets and a pair of black capri leggings (this is actually an outfit I wear fairly often). I usually pair it with a chunky turquoise necklace and a pair of sandals that are turquoise and snake skin (fake). Little Miss chose red jewelry a pair of earrings with a red stone I bought in Paris and usually save for fancy occasions, a beaded necklace from the flea market in Santa Fe, NM and the same flowered ring from Sunday with the missing stones (which I didn’t mention before, but I hold on to even though it is missing stones because it was from my post college cross country trip – I really hold memories in my jewelry). She paired this with a pair of off-white strappy wedge sandals.

We had good friends stay with us last night on their way home from visiting family. They all got to witness this chosen outfit this morning and I was met with the comment “CUTE.” Little Miss did good.


Today was the first day that when she chose my outfit I was screaming WTF in my head. I told her of my day. I had a hair appointment in the morning and in the afternoon I was taking Buddy to Wilderness Park (cool little 1/2 mile hike through a bamboo forest) so I needed an outfit I could take a little hike in. She said, “OK, I’ll pick out something sporty.” “Sounds good,” I replied. She started in my closet and pulled down a simple pink V-neck t-shirt. She then headed to my dresser and pulled open the drawer where my shorts are. She rummaged around a bit and then pulled out…. bright PINK sporty shorts. OK, I own them, but I do so only because I found them on a sale rack for $5 at Academy and thought “those would be perfect for mowing the yard or hanging out around the house or working out AT HOME.” She matched the outfit with dangly pink beaded earrings  and my sneakers (running, hiking, Zumba, walking, casual sneakers).

While I matched VERY well I didn’t feel cute or put-together all day, I just felt like a big pink dork … even with the removal of my granny grey and a super new hair cut… and I kept hearing  this – Pretty in Pink – The Psychedelic Furs.


Today is the first day of summer break. No rushing off to school, no alarms (and yet I still woke up at 6AM – I am such an old lady), no real agenda. I have a few errands to run and a camping trip to organize (we’re heading out tomorrow). Because we don’t have to be anywhere  Little Miss picked out my outfit this morning. I pulled her away from the Lego fest she was having with her brother and she half-heartedly looked through my closet while whining about the fact that I had too many clothes.

She ended up choosing a grey top with metal studs around the neck, denim capris  (the same from Sunday – clean of course), big silver hoops and very fancy shoes. As I was putting on the clothes I asked her to pick out the shoes for this outfit. “Are there shoes in these boxes,” she asked. “Yes, those are my more dressy shoes,” I answered. Out came a pair of strappy sandals with a rhinestone flower on the strap. While I may be wearing the fanciest shoes around when I head out to the post office today, they actually were a pretty good choice. One of the errands I have to run  is to pick up a gown I had altered for an upcoming event and these were the shoes I was planning on wearing with the dress… I’ll be able to see if the altered dress is just right!


Today I look like a shlumpakinka and I’m totally OK with it. We’re going camping and my day will consist of loading up the car with all our gear (so we can take off as soon as My Man comes home), sitting in a car for a few hours, setting up camp and doing other things outdoorsy and dirty. I want to wear my old clothes and I’d probably been totally fine wearing the pink outfit today.

My outfit de jour is a pair of green cargo shorts that are missing buttons on the back pockets, have a few bleach stains on them, and have been worn 100’s of times. To match that is a  green souvineer t-shirt from Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma. On my feet are my sneakers and on my head is a cute black hat. I’m also wearing tiny silver hoop earrings.


Today is the last day of my clothing adventure with Little Miss. She had to pack this outfit as I am camped out on top of a mountain at the highest point in Alabama. She chose a pair of black shorts with white stripes down the side (usually used for dog walking or exercise), a blue “sporty” shirt, a blue bandana to hide the bed head, Chaco sandals (with a switch to sneakers if we go hiking) and the same little silver hoops from the day before.

This is a perfect outfit for living outside, hiking, and throwing on after a swim in the lake. I may not be at my cutest but I am most definitely happy being outside.

The End

So the week has ended and I can only smile at the  clothing adventure Little Miss and I had. She does have a great sense of style for a 6-year-old and I can’t wait to see what she does when she’s a teenager! What I learned is that I own clothes that it may be time to say good-bye to, I  have tons of jewelry that just does not see the light of day, and I often just throw on a pair of flats instead of wearing all the cool wedge sandals I own. The best part of this project was how excited Little Miss was as she carefully chose my clothes and accessories. We got to do something together, just the two of us, that was fun and creative. She even wants to continue with a week of me picking out her outfits (which I am thrilled about because usually if I make a suggestion she, of course, puts on the opposite of what I say). Would I do it again? I think so… but I’m going to wait awhile. Maybe I’ll let my 7-year-old dress me, then my 8-year-old and 9-year-old like an annual event.


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