You Say What?

Buddy runs to the side line where my Man and I are sitting. We’re watching he and his sister play soccer. His hand is on his chest. “Mom, my heart is beeping,” and then he runs off.

This summer we have a trip planned to Pennsylvania to visit family. If you are from Northeastern PA then you know of Knoebels (pronounced Kuh No Bulls), and if you’ve never been to Northeastern PA, Knoebels  is one of those places you just have to visit (think old school amusement park set among tall pine trees with bridges crossing a creek that meanders through the park, free parking, of course you can bring your own food in – but you wouldn’t because theirs is yum-o and cheap, and just pay for the rides you want to ride). There is a haunted house there and I asked my kiddos if they thought they were old enough to go into it. Little Miss, of course, said, “Yes!” and then my Man told her of totally dark rooms that all-of-a-sudden light up with an oncoming train and a LOUD horn. Oh, the terror. Later Buddy was running around the house shouting “honk, honk, honk…” while chasing Little Miss. I asked what he was doing. He said, “I’m just practicing being in the honking house.”

“Can I news your scissors, mom?” Little Miss says news instead of use.

A balloon popped in the house. Buddy ran over to me and said, “Mom, the balloon kersploded.”

Little Miss and Buddy are playing with pretend food. I overhear Little Miss say this, “Grownups can eat whatever they want to so you can have a cookie.” I guess they were not only playing pretend food, but they were also grownups. Actually, that’s one part of being a grown up that totally rocks!

Buddy has been playing this helpless I can’t do anything for myself thing lately. My Man attacked it like this. “Don’t you even try to put your own socks on. You are way too little. I’ll do it for you.” Buddy had those socks on lickity split. GENIUS!

Buddy was playing with an action figure and a little Nerf rocket launch type toy that shoots this yellow Nerfy thing out (thank you Happy Meal). The action figure was getting its ass kicked by the yellow Nerfy thing. Little Miss joined him for some play time with a handful of action figures to join in. They play for a while and then I hear this from Little Miss, “Can we just play that they’re all friends? I don’t want to play war.” Buddy responds, “Someone has to be the bad guy.”


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