Let There Be Light

Cover of "Free To Be ... You And Me (1972...

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I am a housewife. My generation is truly the first group of women in the United States who could set a goal of any job or career and just do it. There were no barriers to my education. I listened to my Free to Be You and Me record hundreds of times and knew that parents were people, William could have a doll and housework was just no fun. I’m educated, I’ve been in the work place (and had jobs that I LOVED and missed when I stopped working) but …. here’s the kicker… while maybe the first year of staying home full-time with my children was rough (man, did I miss adults!  Or maybe it was just sleep deprivation?)… now that I’m faced with the fact that my kids are headed off to school all day which leads me with my days free to actually get a job… I’m really not totally gung-ho to do it. I know this is the wrong thing to say being all feministy and totally for equality of the sexes and all – but I’m liking being a housewife. Sure my days are filled with mundane tasks – but I’m not stressed – and my tasks have a beginning and an end so I feel like I’ve accomplished something every day. I exercise, make healthy meals for my family (mostly), and have time to do hobbies, volunteer, work a little (subbing at my kid’s school), play, and keep my household running smoothly.

It’s pretty hard for me to admit that I like doing what I am. I feel like I should be working and because I was a teacher I do miss that connection to community and the feeling of giving back my job gave me.  But, I’m in a wonderful position of not having to work. My husband has a great, stable, job  even though it may drag me from Albuquerque to Dayton to Oklahoma City to Montgomery to who knows where else (actually, the moving is really the most fun thing about his job). We are one lucky family and I know it.

I’ve lived in my current house for nearly a year. We’re actually just shy of a month away from moving on to greener pastures. I’m at that point where I’m weeding out my possessions and I’m tackling cleaning  jobs to get the house in great shape for the next tenants. The other day I looked up at the light fixture over my table and thought, that’s a little dusty (go figure since I hadn’t touched it since we moved in). So I climbed up on a chair and tried to dust it off.  That was not dust on it’s glassy panes but a thick scudge of grime. So I got to work. I got my vinegar spray and my rubbing alcohol and my rags and I removed the scudge to reveal colors I didn’t even know existed on that light fixture. This is the kind of task I’m faced with… and I found pleasure in making that glass sparkle to reveal the beauty underneath the grime. It’s just that kind of little task that I like having the time to tackle and the light that sparkles forth every time I turn on the switch reminds me of my job.

I know me,so I’m pretty sure I’ll fall into working full-time again eventually. I like to be busy and work gives me that. But for now I’ve seen the light and I realize that I’ve got it pretty good.


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