Reluctant Crafter

I have some very crafty friends. Women who create beautiful things and who love doing it. There is my friend Liz who has a blog called Fast Daze. She recently created an adorable t-shirt for her daughter with an ice cream cone on it – and did it because she saw one in a store and said, “I could make that.” My friend Wendy has an entire file on her Facebook  page called Crafty Things – it’s photos of quilts and dresses and aprons and the most adorable dolls.

  My friend Andrea works full-time, has two small kids, and still manages to have a store on Etsy called Locust Lane Designs where you can buy gorgeous jewelry that somehow she finds the time to make. These women create beautiful art and I totally admire them.

Then there is me. While I admire the ability and creativity to create I personally have no desire to be crafty. I’ve whipped up something pretty cool things from time to time (I did figure out to make a trash can costume for my boy who wanted to be one) but was it fun? No, and in my spare time do I want to make things? No. But, with motherhood, comes stuff like this…

 Last week my son brought home a letter from his pre-school. There is going to be an Easter celebration (fun), goodies (fun), egg hunt (fun) and Easter Bonnet Parade through the our little downtown (fun..) but then there was this – “Each Child is asked to make an Easter Bonnet. This should be made at home. You can use anything you have around the house. Some examples are feathers, plastic eggs, ribbon, anything you can think of! Be creative!” And in my head I just said a big ole “oh crap” and to my boy I said, “how cool, we get to make a hat, I think we need to take a trip to Hobby Lobby.”

I know that there are moms and dads out there that would see this missive and think “woo hoo” and “how fun” and even “my kid’s hat is going to be the BEST EVER.” I wasn’t sure how to even begin… until I remembered the sombrero in my girl’s closet that I was planning on disappearing before our next move. “Buddy,” I said, “we’ve got a hat”.

Buddy and I then took that trip to Hobby Lobby (which, by the way, is a store I LOVE even if I’m not super crafty) and I let him pick out the things he wanted to put on his sombrero (AKA the Easter Bonnet). This is what he came up with…

I then proceeded to follow my little guys exact instructions on how to proceed. With hot glue gun in hand I glued little chicks and eggs and feathers exactly where directed.

And this is the final product…

Isn’t it great? I definitely think it’s the fanciest Easter Bonnet I’ve ever seen and I’m sure it’ll be one-of-a-kind at his school’s Easter Bonnet Parade.


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