I wrote the title of this post – and even the first sentence (which has since been deleted) 5 days ago. I’ve been writing and rewriting this post in my head for days but procrastination set in. I kept putting off taking the time to write – it totally got the best of me.

We all do it and for some reason I find myself procrastinating on things that don’t take very long, or aren’t that difficult, or that even are a little fun, but it’s taking that first step out of inertia that is the hardest.

In the April issue of Real Simple there was an article where the RS editor at large, Danielle Claro, and her friend Wendy planned an unprocrastination day. This was a day where they worked together to get a bunch of tasks done that each of them had been putting off. What a genius idea! Not only do you have a friend to motivate you but you cheer each other on when you get that late afternoon blah to finish! After reading the article I was inspired. I was going to accomplish something I had been putting off…

It’s name is “Miles’ dresser”. (I’ve been reading a little too much Junie B. Jones with the kids – I find myself talking, and writing, like her but I’m going to leave it in because it’s just right). Miles’ dresser used to be my dad’s when he was a boy. It then became mine when I took it with me to college, to Boston, to Philly, back to Boston, to Albuquerque, to Dayton, to Oklahoma City and now here it is in Alabama. That dresser has seen some miles and now that it is my Miles’ it’s a bit beat. I’ve been promising him I’d paint it for maybe 2 years now.

One of my favorite places to visit in any Lowe’s or Home Depot is the oops paint section. You can find it in the paint department – it’s a small selection of paint that has been returned for some reason or another. You can get a gallon of paint for $5! My house in Dayton had an oops paint blue wall, and I helped my brother once paint a bathroom with some burnt umber oops paint. When we moved to Alabama back in July we were in Lowe’s and I found a gallon of the coolest green paint that would match the green in Miles’ bed spread. $5 well spent! Well, that paint came home with me from the store and has sat in my garage ever since (8 months isn’t that long… right?). Now was the time to crack that can open!

I got moving. As soon as I finished reading about unprocrastination day I grabbed Miles and we headed to Lowe’s where we got primer, paint trays, and new knobs for the dresser. We came home and emptied his dresser.

We then moved it into the garage, gave it a good washing, a little sanding and then primed it.

 We then waited a day for that to dry but got right to work the next day. We gave it multiple coats of paint.

After letting it dry for another day we moved it back into the house. It doesn’t look quite new, but it looks better, and I have no idea why I put off painting it for so long. It was easy to do and it was fun to work on this project with my boy.



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