Knit Two Review

I’m a reader. You either are one or you aren’t. I’ve been a reader since I knew what letters were. I’ve been a reader since my mom said, “you can stay up as late as you want as long as you are in bed reading.”  I’d stay up very, very late. I’m always reading at least one book, sometimes two, and then add a few magazines in for good measure.

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 The last book I read was Knit Two by Kate Jacobs. It was a sequel to The Friday Night Knitting Club… which I thought was an OK book. When I was reading FNKC I felt like the characters were caricatures and the relationships shallow and the drama over done. It just felt very Lifetime movie to me (which I am not knocking – I do like a good Lifetime movie from time to time) but I couldn’t connect to the women in the story.

Even though I didn’t like FNKC particularly well, for some reason I felt compelled to read this sequel. Same characters (minus one who I will not name in case you want to read these books – I’m not a spoiler), same Lifetime movie feel, and while I didn’t particularly think this was the best book EVER I did want to read more to find out what happened. What did happen was a lot of grief and sharing of grief and talking about grief, the building of new relationships among the women, changes in families and personal transformations that I thought were predictable. The girls took a trip to Italy – which was fun – and had many adventures but even with deeper insight into each of the characters I still felt like they were very surface and I didn’t believe they were real women (which is what I’m looking for in a book- I want to imagine the characters I’m reading about alive in their fictional world). There were some plot developments that seemed too far-fetched and the story tied up too neatly – life is way messier then this book portraits and relationships have many more dimensions.

I know there is a threequel to this series and I plan on leaving it on the shelf and saying goodbye to the women of the Friday Night Knitting Club.


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