The Worries of My Children

If only my worries were these…

Little Miss is obsessed with loose teeth – or really the lack of. She’s been watching her friends lose teeth left and right, top and bottom, and her perfect little teeth just stay put. She spends much time touching the front ones, making sure they are still in there tight, and talking about the fact that maybe they hurt a little bit and maybe that means that they’ll be falling out soon. Her worries are not about how weird it is to lose teeth, or whether it will hurt or bleed, but just when is this massive event actually going to happen.

She is also very worried about strapless dresses. I like to watch American Idol – and since we don’t have a DVR that means if I want to see it, it has to be live. So I’ll let Alice stay up a little to watch some of it with me and every time she sees a woman in a strapless dress on the show she say, “how does that stay up?” Sometimes I wonder the same thing.

Buddy’s worry is a little bit more serious. Last week he showed me a bruise on his leg. “See this, mom,” he said. “Yes,” I answered. “It’s leprosy,” he said. “It is not leprosy,” I replied. “It looks like leprosy.” What is he learning at school?

And, speaking of leprosy, last week at my monthly Bunco game I met a woman who told me this story. She was living in England and met the farmer down the road who had a very thick accent and was missing many teeth. He was telling her about the field behind her house – he told her about the leprechauns that lived there. At least that’s what she heard. What he really said was leper colony.

And to leave you with a thought that is better than leprosy – is there anything cuter than a little boy in footie PJ’s? It’ll be a sad day for me when my little guy no longer fits into them.


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  1. Posted by Suellen Woodworth on April 2, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Hey Amy!! Enjoy your posts when your Mom puts the link on Facebook and this one especially. My girls are 20 and 22 but their worries are also still mine (I guess ours are still our parens’ too…) but wanted to reassure you that you can look forward to seeing them in feeties for a long time. My 22-year old had always loved feeties and about 5 years ago for Christmas I saw them in the JCPenney catalog and got her a pair that she’s still wearing on the coldest nights. Though hard to find then, they seem to have made a comback and this Christmas, I noticed them everywhere and even in men’s sizes!! Here’s a link to some options –
    And if you’re thinking, ummm not sure I want my grown man (or grown son!) wearing feeties, think about these two things – they ARE made in manly designs like camo and skull/crossbones (although I know my grown man wouldn’t be caught dead or even asleep in either…) and my brother John has worn footles feeties (The red ones with the flap in the back…you know the kind) for many of his adult years and you know he is a real man’s man!! (Hope he doesn’t see that this is now all over the internet…) Enjoy the little ones and be well and happy! (Oh the dresser looks great too – I think my brother Paul’s son has the matching one to that!)


  2. Thanks for the footie info. I’m always a little amazed by how many people read this blog – I have so much fun writing it!


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