Hello Forty!

Hello Forty! Nice to meet you.

 I’ve never been one to say things like, “by the time I’m 27 I want to do this, and then by 32 that, and then…” oh please slap the person who thinks they have their life planned out. How can you plan when there are so many paths to take? And I think because I’ve put no expectations on aging it hasn’t been a big deal to me.

I’ve been warned that weird thoughts will take over my brain at 40. All of a sudden I’ll start worrying about my life – what I’ve done and where I should go – but so far all I’ve been thinking about is birthday cake!

Physical assessment: more grey than brown but OK becuase I have a great colorist. Two stubborn wrinkles on either side of my mouth that sit there like perenthesis but OK because those wrinkles were earned from 40 years of laughing and smiling. My back, neck, shoulders ALL achy when I get out of bed each morning but OK because I can do a back bend, I can reach over and place my palms flat on the ground and I can do a hand stand (with the help of a sturdy wall). Muffin top flopping over my pants but OK because that loose belly was earned with the title mother and even more OK because even with said muffin top I can still fit into the dress I wore when I was 18 to the Snowball.

The Love Report: Feeling very well loved. My marriage is pretty darn good (OK, fabulous – I love that guy), my kids are perfect (OK, not really – but there’s nothing I’d change about them except getting rid of some whine), I’ve got a wonderful family that cares about each other and cheers each other on, I’ve got a network of friends all over the country whose guest rooms, couches, or floors I could crash on in a monent’s notice and who care about me (and I them) even though we live miles and miles away, and most of all I love myself. My regrets are few and I’m looking forward to getting even older so I can be like that old lady on the Shoe Box greeting cards who says outrageous things and it’s OK because she’s older than dirt.  

Crossed off the List: I’m potty trained, I can tie my shoes, ride a two-wheeler, write in cursive, memorized my times tables, had my first kiss, my first slow dance, made friends, learned how to drive, went to the prom, left Berwick, PA, made more friends,  fell in love, got a college degree, did a cross country trip, fell out of love, moved to a big city and then another one and then back to the first, said wicked for a while,  made more friends, left everything familiar to start over, started over, lived in the desert, learned how to say tortilla properly, made more friends,  got another college degree, became a teacher, went to Paris, went on a blind date, fell in love, got married, moved to the midwest, made more friends, visited New Zealand, stopped working, had a couple of kids, moved to the land of tornados, organized a mom group, learned what Bunco was, made even more friends, moved to the south, practiced lots of yoga, enjoyed (enjoy) my kids, loved (LOVE!) my husband, and turned 40.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Welcome to 40. I’ve been loving it. Old lady confidence is better than being young and insecure.


  2. I have always loved your out look on life. You are the kind of person that embraces the moment, good and bad, and goes with it. Age is nothing more then a random number but quality of life is a mindset. (that is my deep thought for the day ;)) I hope 40 is your best year yet!


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