Things Alabama

I know I’m only going to live in Alabamy for a  year and because of that I am on a mission to explore, explore, explore!

Two weekends ago my little family took a road trip north a-ways to a place called DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park. Not only is there a cave to check out, but there is a plethera of “wacky park attractions” (their words, not mine) you can do as well. We decided that since this would probably be our one and only trip to such place that we would do it up!

The cave was a pretty good size –  lots of stalagtites, mites, etc. and we were the ONLY ones on the tour – I guess January is not the height of checking out Roadside America worthy sights. Midway through the tour which involved lots of rock formation flashlight pointing,  we were asked to sit for a lights show. I’m thinking cool lights on rocks. It went pitch black (cave black) and then a bunch of multicolored lights lit up the cave, along with a spray of water shooting 50 feet straight up in the air and then… a deep voice booming, “In the beginning…” We got the entire story of Genesis (and I’m not talking Phil Collins) set to lights and shooting water… in a cave. That was on Saturday. The next morning we didn’t go to church because we already did the day before … in a cave.

The wacky attractions were pretty fun. There was a big maze we ran through, the kids dug for crystals, we played miniature golf, J rode a pedal go-cart, we all rode a train… but the piece de la resistance was the toilet ride. I seriously almost knocked myself over riding that toilet I was laughing so hard. And since we were the only ones visiting we got to ride and ride and ride and ride!

Potty Racers(this photo does not depict any member of my family)

I’m an outdoorsy kind of girl. I’m also a city a girl. I enjoy both…but on a day in January that is nearly 70 degrees I’m going to choose the woods to spend my time. So… last Saturday we decided to check out a trail we heard of called Swayback Bridge Trail near the town of Wetumpka, AL. This trail is mainly for mountain biking but hikers are welcome too. It was very cool with lots of routes you can take with different distances depending on how long of a hike/ride you want. The trail wound around all sorts of trees and was very pretty. We  hiked a one mile loop – not too far into our hike – we entered a grove of Loblolly Pines. I took a deep breath and inhaled that wonderful woodsy smell that you get when surrounded by pine trees. I said to my family, “take a deep breath – doesn’t that smell good?” and Buddy answered, “smells like trees and mountain bikers.” I think I laughed for the rest of the hike.

And on another Alabama note, Little Miss is the first of our family to succomb to the southern accent. The word there no longer is one syllable as it comes out of her mouth – it is they-rrr. As in look at that tree over they-rrr.

So, they-rr you have it. Come to Alabama to learn about God in a cave, ride a toilet, and smell some trees and mountain bikers.


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  1. Posted by sam on February 10, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    They have toilet races at the half time at UNM basketball. The last time there was something wrong with them so the cheerleaders had to push the people on them.


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