I’m Addicted to Stupid TV

I haven’t had cable TV for 4 years. It started as a way to save some money when we bought a house that was at the high end of our budget. That house  has since been sold and is 800 miles away from where I am now and I still don’t have cable TV. It has become a frugal way of life that I’ve gotten used to. I watch what I can over the air (yes, you can get TV for free over the air!) and any extra stuff (Project Runway) I watch on my computer. What’s hard to believe is that I’m doing this and I’m a TV lover. At one point we had a DVR and man was I in heaven – I watched every show that caught my fancy and then some. Cutting back on my choices for watching forced me to cut back on my TV watching and then an XBox entered our home.

With that XBox came the ability to watch Netflix on demand and I now have this huge amount of stuff to watch. I can watch a new movie, I can watch an old movie, I can watch a cheesy movie (have you seen Zombie Strippers? I’m totally surprised it wasn’t a box office hit!), I can watch a documentary, I can watch an entire season of a TV show… and this is where my time is sucked up most often. An entire season of a TV show is all lined up, commercial free, for my viewing pleasure! There are any number of well-acted shows to choose from, but what I find myself most drawn to and getting sucked in to are reality shows. And really dumb ones too. I’ve watched every episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians including Kourtney and Khloe take Miami. I just finished up Rock of Love (season 1) where Bret Michaels (good ole Pennsyltucky boy) is part of a Bachelor type show where his house is full of bimbettes that are partying hard whilePORTRAIT OF A ROCK STAR photo | Bret Michaels vying for his love.  Hours of my time have been dedicated to watching what can only be called stupid TV – and I love it! I’m a people watcher. I’m in heaven at an airport – all those people to watch – and a really dumb reality TV show gives me that ability to people watch from my couch! I know the shows are edited to create an interesting mix of sound bites and choice scenes to create drama and hilarity and tension… but the ability to watch how people interact, react, communicate, and just plain be is so facinating to me that I’m going to continue with my habit.


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  1. Embrace it! We just got cable about a year ago but I have been having the urge to cancel it… I will have to check out netflix over our wii!


  2. Posted by Brooke on January 13, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Wow, we are really alike in this way! Does it bug your husband? Mine is constantly annoyed because I’m eavesdropping on the table next to us while we’re at dinner or something. LOL!

    We are about to drop cable, and we got Netflix. I did NOT need to know that you can get seasons of reality TV shows on NF! LOL!


  3. I think it entertains my husband most of the time… but there are times where I know he has to say my name repeatedly to get my attention because I’m so engrossed in someone else and that annoys him – big time! Have fun watching NF on demand – so much fun!


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