Good Bye Studded Belt

I know I’m not the only one who holds on to certain pieces of clothing, or accessories, or shoes way longer than I should. I’m pretty good about cleaning out my clothes – moving every few years just doesn’t allow me to accumulate – and with clothes I’m pretty much a pass it on or sell it kind of girl if I haven’t worn it in a year (except for a few one-of-a-kind thrift finds or just super cool pieces – those get put in a plastic bin I’ve labeled Amy’s Memorabilia and get moved again and again and again). But shoes, belts, purses… they don’t take up as much space and get held on to a bit longer.

A few years back I noticed that many of my shirts were getting holes in them. Tiny little spider bite sized holes right around my belly button. Did I lean on something too much? Did my ring of baby flub just rub right through the shirt? Did I catch it on something? You see, I was in denial. I knew exactly what was causing those holes… my favorite belt.

I found this particular belt at TJ Maxx or Ross or Marshalls – one of those stores that’s fun to sift through and every once in a while you find a winner.  Well I found a fabulous belt. It was black with a big sturdy buckle and cool silver metal rivets covering the entire thing. It was tough but not so bulky that I’d “be saggin'”in my pants. It made me feel rock-and-roll and hip and cool and all those things that a stay-at-home mom just usually isn’t. So I kept wearing my belt, and shirts with holes in them, and lived in oblivion…. and did you catch the word years…. I did this for years!

But, I don’t live alone, and my partner in crime kept commenting on my holey shirts and blaming the belt and I’d answer with a “what?” or a “huh?” or a “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” and kept on destroying my clothes. We live on a budget. We’re a single income family and while our budget is fairly easy to live on, the clothes I do buy have to last (and last and last and last) and they weren’t. It all became solidified just a few weeks ago. We were on our way to get our yearly holiday family photo. I’m always really proud of our photos because I let the kids wear their favorite clothes and no one is grumpy and we all laugh and I always choose the photo where I look the best. J and I were looking at our past photos – to make sure he didn’t wear the same thing as last year – and while he still owned ALL his shirts from the previous photos – mine were gone…. and most of them weren’t outgrown or accidentally shrunken  in the dryer or ruined from a spilled glass of Kool Aid – but were annihilated by my favorite studded belt. I saw the path of destruction and I decided it was time to end it.

And so the belt has not been worn for a few weeks and I’ve officially thrown away all my shirts with tiny little holes in them. I’m starting fresh. I’m going to preserve my wardrobe and be OK with the fact that ALL my other belts are just plain boring. I’m embracing my decision  — now where to find a new belt?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ode To Studded Belt

    Studded Belt you stood by me tried and true
    But you left me with holes that I couldn’t glue
    Because of this… I must bid you adieu

    RIP Amy’s Belt, you will be missed.


  2. What beautiful poetry to eulogize my belt. Thank you – it means the world to me!


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