The Boy Can Read and Other Kid Things

I admit that I think my two little munchkins are very smart… and I’ve had confirmation. Little Buddy has started to read! I really like many things about his pre school. It’s super small, the teachers are very loving, the parents are involved, the kids are nice – but I was having a little bit of a problem with the fact that it is so serious. They play a little before class… and right before parents pick them up they get some playground time… but the day is really academically focused. It’s circle time, worksheets, review, work! No easel set up for painting. No table of sand to mess around with. No cutting station. No big toy area in the classroom. Now, I picked this school sight unseen just by checking out the few reviews I could find on-line before we moved here and I guess I lucked out. I am AMAZED at how far my little guy has come from the beginning of the year and I’m excited to see where he ends up… and we play a lot at home… and he loves going to school… so maybe serious preschool is OK?

The other day we were searching through Netflix live to find something to watch. We came across some movie and I read the description to the kids. Buddy asked,  “what is it rated?”  I answered, “PG.” He said, “I’m allergic to PG.”

I needed to take a shower one day last week and when small kids are home it’s best to busy them up with something before taking the shower. I go to TV as my babysitter. It was just Little Buddy who needed the TV babysitter, Little Miss was at school. I headed to PBS (we have no cable) to see what kid show was on. They show kid shows all day so I knew we’d find something – and there are 3 PBS channels (did you know that all of them come over the air for free?). I think on the first channel was Calliou which I don’t allow because he is such a whiner, the second channel had Clifford, which the kids like but not as much as Dinosaur Train or The Cat in The Hat, and on the 3rd channel was a cooking show. He chose the cooking show. When I left him he was watching some chef chop up an entire chicken into pieces. Lately he’s moved from wanting to be a builder when he grows up (he plans on building a house with 100 rooms for 100 people and I’m allowed to live there) to being a chef. I LOVE that idea. Then I can stop cooking!

And just to throw in a fun Little Miss tidbit – a few months back she had a cold with a fever that caused her to get hives. She got hives for a few days as the virus worked its way out of her system. A few weeks back she said to me, “remember when I got the fleas?” I CRACKED UP and now I make her say it from time to time when I need a giggle.

And, as always, thanks for reading about my kids. I will never tire of writing about them.


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