Cool Kid

All parents like to talk about their kids. Unfortunately the only people who really care about most of the information is: 1. the parents, 2. the grandparents, 3. a few close relatives and 4. a handfull of friends (and even these people zone out half the time when the stories are told). Anyone else is just being polite when you tell your stories and they look at you with interest – and even thought I know all this – I’m still going to talk about my kids. They are just so cool.

Litterally, Little Miss is cool. The other night, about a half-hour after bed time, I was near her room when I heard a CLUNK. I went in to investigate and was met with a girl full of tears holding her head (not a little girl blissfully sleeping). The room was completely dark (except for the 2 or 3 nightlights) yet all her stuffed animals were expertly lined up along her bed, the dresser, the wall – all with little blankets.  It seems that she believed that playing a little bit before going to sleep was the thing to do and while setting up her room just so, she over-tilted and bumped her noggin on her dresser. “It hurts, it hurts,” she cried. I said, “I bet it does.” Her dad said, “do you need some ice?” She nodded and I headed to the freezer. I returned to her room with a beer koozie. It’s padded on one side and the other is filled with some sort of concoction that is frozen… it also says Bass Pro Shops on it./i//freezenwrap.jpg Perfect for hurt heads! She wrapped it around her head and called it good. The next night her eye hurt and she needed the koozie again. Tonight, nothing hurt, yet she skipped 0ff to the kitchen before heading to her bed and returned with the koozie. I guess there is just something very cool about a cold place to lay your head.


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