Thanksgiving Vegetables

In my opinion all vegetables that are served on Thanksgiving should be in casserole form. The day is a feast and feasts should be decandent – lots of cheese and butter (and in my case, Lactaid). Save your fresh leafy salads to eat the day after (turkey ceasar salad – yum) or that plain steamed asparagus with a hint of lemon butter (which is delish – but just too healthy for the feast). While I enjoy a nice green bean casserole (concoction of beans, cream of mushroom soup, and crunchy onion thingies on top) we didn’t typically have that at Thanksgiving as a kid (although we do now as my partner in crime INSISTS on it). We were more of a broccoli casserole family (and I’m looking forward to eating said casserole at Christmas). We’d also have sweet potatoes candied in brown sugar and butter (cook sliced pre-cooked sweet potatoes for an hour- 30 min. per side) which is not a casserole but any vegetable drenched in sugar and butter might as well be.

Well, if you are in agreement with me about the casserole thing – then here is one to add to your table. It’s super easy to make, delish, and is sprinkled with bread crumbs and butter (and I believe butter makes everything better).

Squash and Cheese Casserole 

Click away to check out the recipe, but this is how I changed it.

squash and cheese casserole

I used cheddar instead of montery jack (cheddar is one of those cheeses I ALWAYS have. Montery Jack, not so much). I used milk instead of heavy cream (I wasn’t trying to escape the  calories – I just had milk in the fridge) and Panko breadcrumbs instead of making my own in my food processor. I have a love/hate realtionship with that appliance. I love that I own one but I hate cleaning the thing – all those parts and the weird shapes –  for an appliance that has a 10 second job to make breadcrumbs. No thank you.

So give it a try – like it or not – and happy Thanksgiving cooking to you all!


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  1. Posted by Jennifer on November 24, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Sounds delicious!


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