Chef Lou

When I go home to Pennsylvania, and my brother is there as well, it can be certain that he’ll be vegged out on the couch watching something weird, or stupid, or off-kilter, or Little House On the Prairie. A few years back I walked into the TV room and there he was watching a cooking show. “What’cha watching?” I ask. “Chef Lou,” he says as if I should know who Chef Lou is. I guess he’s spent more time watching local northeastern Pennsylvania TV than I have.

Chef Lou, for those of you who are not in the know, is a chef and local personality in parts of Pennsylvania. His specialty is Italian cooking and from the way he looks… lets just say he does not choose to go low-fat anything.

I do remember with detail this particular show that my brother was watching. Chef Lou was making a steak and topping it with a gorgonzola garlicy butter concoction that just says delish but at the same time says if you eat this your heart will stop pumping for a second or two. Well, ever since watching that show (and for some reason we ALL hunkered down to watch) Jeff will from time to time say, remember that gorgonzola recipe that Chef Lou made followed by Homer Simpson hmmm gorgonzola noises. Homer Simpson

I’m all about indulging once in a while and thanks to my mom I’m a proud owner of a signed Chef Lou cookbook and I love a good gorgonzola but I’m also lactose intolerant. Turning 30 messed up with my digestive system and anything too dairy causes me to have many, many bathroom issues that I just don’t really want to get into (and I’m sure you definitely don’t want to hear about it)…. so steak topped with gorgonzola is not high on my repertoire of things to make. That is until it was…

There’s a fabulous grocery store in my new town called Publix. For those of you who know of Wegmans – it’s on par with that. Everything looks good -even their ads. Well, on the back of a box of Publix Butter was this recipe – Garlic Blue Cheese Butter – and I went for it. It was super easy to make and after downing a couple of Lactaid I dove into my steak covered with this dreamy concoction and time stopped. I chewed each bite more slowly to savor each delicious flavor sensation ( picture a slow motion movie of me devouring the steak with a dreamy look in my eye). It was fabulous and thanks to my good friend Lactaid – I survived.

So, thanks to Chef Lou, Publix, and Jeff (and his Homer Simpson yummy noises) for Garlic Blue Cheese Butter.


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