Yes Ma’am

Alabama is the furthest south I’ve lived in my years of being a moving girl. Sure, some Oklahomians had southern accents and I picked up the phrase y’all when I lived there (and ditched my Pennsyltucky yous guys) but Oklahoma had more of a western feel to it than a southern feel. One of the things I enjoy most about moving to other parts of the country is studying the culture – the little things – the way people interact, phrases that are used, how do people dress, and is it soda, pop, or coke?

Of course I notice the southern accent – it’s very drawn out and slow. Once in a while a word will pop out of my mouth with a  southern twang that catches me off guard – but then again sometimes a Boston word (wicked) pops out or I’ll say tortilla (thank you New Mexico) with a perfect mexican pronunciation. I do know that my kids are totally going to pick it up. There’s a little boy in Miles’ class named Sawyer. I pronounce it like the way Sawyer was pronounced on Lost. ButSawyer from Lost every time I spoke his name Miles told me I wasn’t saying it right. It’s Saw yer (as in saw some wood and look at yer toes). I still say it with my northern accent and Miles corrects me EVERY TIME.

Another southern thing is the yes ma’ams. No one  just says yes to me when I ask a question, it’s yes ma’am. Kids say it to their moms. Kids say it to their teachers. Store clerks say it to me. Strangers say it to me. I asked Jeff if he was called sir. He said no ma’am.

I’ve also noticed that there are lots of two-name girls. Sara Kate, Clara June, Abby Rose, etc. In my experience most kids are only two namers if they’re getting in trouble (Alice Jane – get in your room right now) but here I see it all the time. It takes up a lot of room when their names are embroidered on their backpacks.

Then there is the kid fashion. Girls in hand-smocked dresses with big hair bows. Boys in sensible looking sandals with one-piece rompers on. Lots of seersucker, peter pan collars and matchy matchy pants and tops.  And we’re not talking 1-year-olds. This stuff is crazy  expensive,  and to me just really is old-fashioned looking.

There’s plenty more that I’ve noticed but I’ll save that for another time – for now I’ll just be saving up my money to buy Alice Jane a hand-smocked dress while drinking a coke. Bye y’all.


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  1. Posted by Melissa on November 4, 2010 at 2:41 am

    Good Lawd! It’s like you are stuck in time!


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