The Make-Up Fiasco

This year for Halloween Little Miss decided she was going to be a Princess. Not a specific Disney

Princess – just your run of the mill generic version. She planned on digging through her dress-up bin until she found just the right thing and then would call it good. I thought this was GREAT. Super easy costume planning all around. I was so pleased that I pulled out the cool  mom and told her she could wear makeup this year with her costume. Now, I’m not opposed to makeup. I wear it on a daily basis (even when camping) but somehow I’ve kept my little girl out of my makeup drawer – she’s never even played with it. So picture a 5-year-old face glowing with super glee when I told her this. Last Saturday the kids got to get into costume early to attend a Fall Fest at my Man’s school. Anyone who would listen got an ear full from Little Miss about how she was going to be a princess and how she was getting to wear (dramatic pause) MAKEUP. So the big night arrived, and Little Miss princessed herself up, and then presented herself to me all ready for her makeup. Just one swipe of some shimmery eyeshadow caused Little Miss’s eyes to tear and she began frantic smacking and wiping motions with her hands while wailing – I HATE HOW THIS FEELS… so went the blush… so went the lipstick… even lip gloss… screaming and smacking her own face and wiping it off. Finally she was banished to her room to calm down from the mega fit. We had to head to the fest (I was working at it) and she was still freaking out. She got buckled in all tears and smeared make-up and we started driving and I just said to her, “it’s no big deal that you’re not wearing makeup. Maybe some other time.” And she was quiet but then said, “mom, don’t tell anyone.”

Bad mom here that I’m not supposed to tell anyone yet here I am telling all – but it’s such a super Little Miss moment. She’s just a sensitive little girl in the way she feels things – physically and emotionally. If her clothes have one scratchy part they can not be worn, for a long time shoes and socks were just a battle – and after 5 years of interesting (read weird) fits about how something feels I realize it’s because this little girl feels deeply. Her school class went to see the play The House at Pooh Corner. That day when she came home from school her face shone as she told me how wonderful it was – and how she cried at the end when Christopher Robin had to leave. She told me about playing with a little girl at recess. This particular girl wanted to play superheroes and so they played… but it didn’t work out. While the other little girl wanted to pretend help people in danger, Little Miss was on the look-out for real kids who needed help – and was bummed that there weren’t any. And the other girl, in Little Miss’s words, “just didn’t understand how to really be a super hero.”

 I’ve learned to handle the crazy fits she pitches about how certain things feel (most of the time) –  and I think I can because I know the fits are coming from a girl who feels things very deeply. Her heart is amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way – my little generic makup free princess.


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