I Heart Meatloaf

Everyone has their comfort food. The one meal that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and domestic inside. For me, it is meatloaf. I remember my mom making it. She’d serve it with mashed potatoes and green beans from a can. Her meatloaf was good – nothing fancy – but it just tasted good and it was  always served with a ketchup dipper on the side.

I spent most of my 20’s in a meat free state. When I started eating meat again it took me a while to get down to actually cooking it myself – and meatloaf (which is best mixed with your hands) was way down my list of things to try to cook. As time moved on I became bolder with my meat recipes and meatloaf was in my repertoire. But I didn’t have a recipe (and for some reason I didn’t just call my mom and ask her for hers) and so I had some hits and some misses with my creations. I’d  just get some ground beef , add some breadcrumbs, throw in whatever mixture of spices I felt like, pour in the ketchup – and sometimes I’d come up with a winner and sometimes not so much.

And then, I found it. A fantastic meatloaf recipe that I could follow and it would create the best meatloaf every time. Of course I found it in Real Simple, one of my favorite magazines to go to for new food ideas. I made this meatloaf tonight for supper. It takes over an hour to bake so it doesn’t get made very often – and never in the summer when the oven just heats up this southern house way too much. The house was filled with the wonderful aroma (did I tell you that this particular recipe is topped with bacon? Just imagine the deliciousness) and when it finally came out of the oven it was perfection. We sat down as a family and chowed (well, not Miles, but all I can say is he missed out). This meatloaf was so darn good that I definitely wanted seconds. I wanted to eat until I had to put on stretchy pants – but I didn’t. I ate my one slice with a ketchup dipper, a side of spaghetti squash and canned peaches in a little bowl. As you know, if you’ve been reading this blog, our move this summer has not helped me fit into my pants. I’m working on loosing a bit of moving pudge and for me the best way is to not only exercise more, but to keep a food diary and calorie count. I’m not all gung-ho diet girl – and my calorie count isn’t all Biggest Loser low – I’m just making sure that I’m not overeating and two pieces of bacon topped meatloaf would tip me over my daily allotment.

But… then… I knew what I could do.  And I shared my idea with Jeff and after I told him he gave me that look that I knew meant, “it’s crazy, but it just might work” (or maybe the look  just meant “you’re crazy”). I can wake up at midnight to eat another slice of meatloaf! Technically it’s the next day so I’d be good on my calorie count –  I would most likely use up all my daily alloted calories by 10 AM – but I’m thinking the midnight meatloaf feast may just be worth it. Right?

Meat Loaf

Anyways, this recipe is just too good not to share  – Meat Loaf with Bacon. I’ve been rocking this recipe since 2003…enjoy it with a ketchup dipper on the side!

(and here’s how I’ve changed it – I don’t use an entire onion – maybe 1/3 cup. I’ve never put the jalapeno pepper in but I’m thinking it’d be really yum. Definitely ketchup over the tomato sauce. And I’ve never used the meatloaf mix that this recipe calls for – I have tried half ground beef and half ground turkey and it’s OK – all ground beef seems to be way better – although tonight I used half ground beef and half bison and it was second helping worthy.)


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