Sci-Fi, Nuts, and Thai

With a recent move often comes recent purchases. One of the newest things that has entered our home is an XBox 360. I pictured Jeff sitting in front of the TV playing on it for hours. I pictured the kids doing the same. What I did not picture was me. But, it’s not games that has my attention. It’s Netflix. With our new XBox I am able to instantly watch a gazillion movies and TV shows. Now for a girl who does not have cable, but loves TV, this is wonderful. I discovered a show called Firefly that made it one season back in 2002. It was created by Joss Whedon of Buffy fame, and it so funny, and interesting, and exciting (in a campy kind of way) I just couldn’t stop watching it. It is a sci-fi show and I am so not a sci-fi girl (well, maybe just a touch – I have seen all the Star Wars movies and most of the Star Trek ones and think space is pretty cool) but the story line kept opening up more and more and the characters were so fun to watch. I was totally bummed when I watched the last episode, and knew it was the last, and there was so much left unresolved. That was until I discovered that there was a movie called Serenity that continued the story with all the same characters! I totally enjoyed the movie, and so many unanswered questions were answered. The whole thing is just super fun and I wanted to share my find.

Have you even had a snack in your home that you just couldn’t leave alone? I just found the perfect combination of sweet, salty, fruity yuminess. It’s a trail mix made by Back to Nature called Pacific Heights Blend. There are just three ingredients – almonds covered in sea salt, dark chocolate covered almonds, and dried cherries. I’m pretty good about making a snack last. I can stretch a box of cookies into over a week, chips, the same, but this trail mix was gone in 2 days and then I bought a second bag the next time I went to the store and did the same. I purposefully have not even walked by where it is in the grocery store the last two times I went so I couldn’t buy it. All the ingredients are really good for you – dark chocolate full antioxidants and all – but when the suggested serving size is 2 tablespoons (not two cups?) – those calories can add up quick. After a few weeks off I’m thinking I can handle it again…. I’m drooling a little bit… OK… it’s going on my grocery list.

Last Friday Jeff and I had a date night. It was totally last minute – the Y in our town has a parents night out and on a whim I called to see if they still had spots open. They did! We decided to head out for a grown up dinner. I put on cool jeans with big wedge sandals that had me towering over Jeff and after dropping off the kiddos we headed to downtown Montgomery. Downtown Montgomery is one of those downtowns that is trying but not quite there yet. There are a few big hotels, some good restaurants, a river walk, but the entire area still seems kind of dark and empty at night. We went to a place called Lek’s Railroad Thai. It’s in an old railroad station and we sat outside on a back patio and were able to watch trains go slowly by as we ate. There was a free outdoor concert that night , and while the music was way more twangy than my taste,  listening to live music while eating food with my man was  pretty much the best date I’ve been on since we moved to Alabama (OK, it’s the only date we’ve been on – but it was pretty darn good). What I want to share about this night was a dish I ate at Lek’s. It was called Musmun Chicken which is described at chicken in coconut milk with potatoes,onions, and cashews. The dish was set before me in a deep white bowl. The bowl was filled with pieces of chicken and potato all covered in a brown creamy looking sauce. I took one bite and was making more yummy noises than was appropriate for public dining. The sauce not only was creamy, but it had a spicy curry flavor that was incredible. The chicken was so tender it fell apart and the combination of the flavors was so wonderful I think I could eat that dish every day for a week and be quite happy.

So there you have it… sci-fi, nuts, and Thai. These are the things I’m liking.


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