Jeggings Anyone?

There’s something about the words “back to school” that give me that little happy feeling inside. I was never one of those kids who dreaded going to school. I liked it. Sure, learning things was important, but really it was the social aspect of the whole thing that really got me fired up. I like seeing my friends, meeting new ones, and having crushes on the cute boy of the moment.

To prepare for back to school I’d go shopping with my mom. She’d buy me my lunch box, pencils, erasers, notebooks, shoes and clothes. The clothes and shoes were what got me really excited. Before school started I would head on down to Angelo’s and get to pick out a new pair of sneakers and a new pair of school shoes. My Zips would make me run fast and my new school shoes usually had some sort of big gummy sole. We’d head to Keefer’s Jean Junction to get some Jordache or Sergio Valente and I’d be set.

When I hit junior high I discovered Seventeen Magazine. When that big, fat, September issue came out I’d study the pages and emulate as much as I could in northeastern PA. I’d head to the Laurel Mall (we’re talking over the mountain to Hazleton – a town 20 miles away) whose anchor stores were Boscov’s and Zayre. I’d head straight to Foxmoor to find those perfect plaid pants and that little magenta camp shirt that matched perfectly. I can still remember my wardrobe that year I discovered “fashion”.

Now, as an adult, I still get a jab of glee when I see those fat fall magazines. They are as big as a phone book and chock full of ads, and photo shoots, and style advice. So I look at these magazines, and I see what’s going on, and I do my best to throw in some coolness to my mostly soccer mom wardrobe – and sometimes I forget that I’m in my very late 30’s with the body of a woman who had two children back-to-back in her mid 30’s. And in this forgetful state… I tried on a pair of jeggings.

I don’t know what I was thinking… I kept seeing the word jegging describing the cute outfit of celebrity one, or model two and my brain must have totally forgotten what my body really looks like. I found my jeggings and a cute little plaid tunic to wear over them and headed to the dressing room. I slipped the stretchy denim- looking fabric on, put on the cute tunic, and then looked at myself in the mirror. Luckily, the mirror did not forget what my body looks like. Yeah, jeggings cling to parts of the body that I really do not want to emphasize – and the cute little plaid tunic did nothing but widen those parts. I twirled around to check out the back side was confronted with a wide swath of too much horizontally stretched fabric. 25 I am not.

The jegging experiment was a total failure, but the satchel bag was found and the big boots, and really, I live in small town Alabama…. maybe soccer mom with big boots is all I need? Or a new pair of Zips!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Amy M. on September 22, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Hey Amy–I loved this! Brought back some memories–I believe I remember those plaid pants and camp shirt you were talking about! You’ve got a real knack for writing–I really enjoy reading them. Glad to hear you’re all doing well and adjusting to your new home! Amy


    • Hey Amy,

      You were totally in the forefront of my mind when it came to trips to Foxmoor and magenta camp shirts… glad you like my creative outlet!


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