There’s a Mouse in his Head…

Miles believes that there is a mouse in his head. This mouse tells him things… like to hold his pee until he gets to a toilet, or the answer to 1 +1. Most of the time the mouse lives only in his head, but if he bonks his noggin the mouse may move down to his feet where it is safer. The mouse has also died at times and been replaced by 1oo mice who reside in various body parts only to die off to just one mouse living in his head again. When I first heard about the mouse, I thought, oh how cute, an imaginary friend… but then I saw Oprah. She did a show where she interviewed a little girl with childhood schizophrenia. This little girl had various imaginary friends and truly believed they were real. As I’m totally fascinated with the way the brain works I found the show completely captivating but it took away my innocence. I went from having the little boy with a mouse in his head to being full of mom worries that Miles may be delusional. Then I calmed down. He knows no one else can see his mouse, he knows that it’s his mouse and his mouse only, and the little mouse isn’t telling him to do mean things. Tons of preschool kids have imaginary friends and its normal and just plain fun… and I’m VERY appreciative of the fact that this mouse tells Miles all kinds interesting things and keeps him company.

Before I had kids I thought I’d be the mom whose kids always looked together. No jelly on the shirt, or face, or in the hair. Clean, matched outfits. Fingernails always trimmed and teeth brushed. Then I realized that being that mom is a lot of pressure. It’s much more fun being the mom who says, “go get dressed” and is surprised by the concoctions a 4 and 5-year-old can create from their drawers of clothes. I’m OK being the mom with the kid with wild hair (I like it wild), mismatched socks (it’s mismatched sock day), or (I’m shuddering here a little) letting the kid wear socks with sandals because it feels comfortable. I’m also the mom who sent her son off to school last week and only realized hours after we’d been home that he had been wearing his shorts backwards since the wee hours of the morning…. and I’m OK with that.

Miles has started playing soccer. He’s all enthusiasm and a little bit of skill. What I’ve found most remarkable is the little sporty boy he becomes when he’s at practice. I’ve noticed a lot of crouching down as if to take off (and he does), slapping of one fist into his other hand, and tons of nodding to his teammates (as in, yeah, let’s do this).  This is the first time Miles has done an extracurricular activity without Alice and I’m thinking that this may be the first time I get to see him interact with his peers on his own… he’s not following Alice around and doing what she wants. It’s super fun for me to see and I love the transformation. Miles’ team had their first game this past Saturday. It was a crazy hot, sweat fest of a morning… but watching those little 4 and 5 year olds play was worth every super hot moment. The Green Machines may not have scored one point but I thought it was cool how they gave it their all to the end and really didn’t even seem to know they had lost the game.

Just thinking about my kids puts a smile on my face (most of the time). They are a constant source of amazement… the things they say, the way they see the world, the clothes they put on. You think your children will sort of be mini me’s (and sometimes they freakily are – I hear my voice coming out of them so much) but really they are nothing more than themselves. Yeah, let’s do this (head nod, punching fist in hand)!


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  1. Posted by Lauren on October 30, 2010 at 2:25 am

    My sister Mary used to have Batman as her imaginary friend when she was younger. She even decided to jump off the second to top stair because she thought she could fly like him. I got in trouble because I was at the top with her and my brother got in trouble because he close-lined her at the bottom before she could hit the door. And I’d like to think she’s turned out alright!


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