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A few weeks ago I was flipping through Lucky magazine. This is one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure that I’m at least 15 years older than their target demographic, but I love how they are more shoppy than high fashion. They’ll show you the trends, list where you can buy them, and describe everything with words like too cute, yummy, or pinkalicious (OK, that’s a children’s book but a good adjective none-the-less).

Once in a while though, I think to myself that the editors are trying to slip a fast one in and just see if they can get us unsuspecting consumers to follow their silly little trend. For example, a few years back there was a fashion spread in one of the issues that featured wearing work-out-wear as a fashion piece. It’s more like work out where? Seriously, they had tennis skirts over tights paired with über expensive shoes and frou frou shirts prancing along the sidewalks of New York. It almost looked like a parody – and I never did see the trend emerge.

In the August 2010 issue of the magazine I saw another trend that I said to myself, really? They call it ombre color. One editor thought it was so cool that she decided to dye her hair for the first time to do this trend. Basically, what it looks like is dark roots with lighter ends… like maybe you dyed your hair lighter 6 months ago and let it grow out. She explained in detail how she had her entire head dyed darker brown and had light highlights painted on the ends. “She paid for this?” is what I thought when I looked at it.

Now I’m a definite color my hair girl. I have the unfortunate trait of granny hair for what I’m thinking is a way too young age. I have my hair in our monthly budget and I religiously go to the salon every six weeks to cover up the skunk stripe and granny burns. I’ve been every shade of red and brown and everything in between. I like to mix it up and have fun because I realize that if I don’t like a certain color it will be changing in 6 weeks. When I read about ombre color I basically said, that is so stupid. I wouldn’t pay for that! Then I saw Drew Barrymore.

She was on the cover of the Sunday USA Today Weekend Magazine sportin’ the hair and it looked super cute!  And all of a sudden I no longer loathed that hair color… I wanted it!

Maybe I’m easily persuaded, maybe I like to follow trends, maybe I like that my ends naturally end up way lighter than my roots (well, not my real roots as they are granny white) and it would be easy to maintain… maybe I’m just the girl who…  oh whatever. I just think the hair is cute and more than likely when I next sit in the chair at my next hair appointment  I’ll say ombre me up!


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  1. Posted by Sam on September 1, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    OK we want pics when you try this.


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