Sweet Home…

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a total half-full kind of girl. Someone cuts me off in traffic… they must not have seen me.  Someone is rude to me… maybe they got some bad news right before our interaction and so they lost their manners. The walls in my new home are pink… at least it’s not glaring, just a soft glow. I know that this trait of mine gives me a rosy look on life (and is totally annoying to friends who need to vent to me about some lousy situation and after I listen I come back with “well maybe… ” and paint my rosy picture on their situation) but I’ve found that generally it’s worked for me. I’ve had some vicious encounters with mean people and while I may lose sleep or feel angry or upset at first, I try to get into the “well maybe” mode and figure out a reason why anyone would need to be so mean, or ugly, or obnoxious etc. and I realize that it’s their outlook, not mine.   I do the same with other situations… take long lines for instance. Most people go nuts waiting but the line doesn’t  bother me.. it’s just time to people watch, daydream, chat with the person next to me and so on.

I rented the house I’m living in without visiting first. I saw pictures on-line and it looked OK, I Google Earthed the neighborhood and that looked fine too… Jeff and I decided to go for it.  We arrived… the walls are pink…. or maybe pinkish is the better word. They are soft, petally and a perfect complement to the fancy chandeliers, textured ceilings, and overall brassiness of all the fixtures.

And while part of me does complain and roll my eyes a bit at some of the decor of my new home, there is another bigger part of me that has found so much good stuff too. 

1. The light! This house is streaming with natural light. It glows with sunshine all day long. I feel awake, happy, invigorated. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a bright sunny house.

2. Hardwood floors everywhere! OK, they’re really just Pergo (or something like that) but they cover the entire house except for the bedrooms (carpet) and the foyer (tile).  Poor Sadie can’t stand up on them and slips and slides as she tries to walk anywhere, but boy does it look good! And, my mom bought me this super dust mop kind of thing that just lickity split gets up all the pet hair. Check yes to floors like this when I finally move into my forever home.

3. I found THE outlet. I’ve never lived in a super big house and I’m happy to say that while this house is the largest I’ve lived in, it still has THE outlet. You know, THE outlet you can plug your vacuum in and reach the entire house. I had to experiment a little to find it – but since I’m super housewife and tend to vacuum just about every day find it, I did. Seriously,  I know I’m a freak for my daily vacuum habit, but ever since I had kids I can’t stand the pet hair. Just the thought of them crawling around on the floor playing and coming up covered with dog and cat hair gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Pre-kids I’d vacuum once a week and with 3 cats and a dog the pet hair actually made another carpet on top of the carpet we had. THE outlet makes me very happy.

4. The master bath has pinkish tile. Not Pepto pink like I had in my 1960’s bathroom in Ohio, but soft pinkish…. kind of like the walls. That would not be a keeper if this was my forever home… but one feature in the bathroom is… the tub. It’s just a basic jetted bathtub….big enough for two kids (or even two grownups, wink, wink) to take a swim. But there is one feature that I’ve never seen before and think is just great. The drain is on the opposite end of the faucet! So, when the water is turned on, it comes out  of the faucet, pours out, and flows over the slightly sloped tub to the drain on the other end. How many times have you cleaned your tub? When you are done scrubbing, you turn on the water and have to somehow splash it back to the end away from the faucet for it only to drain right back where you splashed it from. In this wonder tub, after the scrubbing, you turn on the water and it just flows right to the other end to drain and with a little swishing is all rinsed out. Totally going to do a tub like this in my forever house!

There are other good things… the office is right off of the kitchen so I can pop on to the computer super easy while I’m cooking, I have more living space than my last house and actually have a toy room, there’s a giant shed in the back with tons of storage. There are more bad things… the AC isn’t the best ever (and man do we need AC), the front porch smells like cat pee (I’ve scrubbed the walls but still have to power wash the floor… I hope that works) and we only have one tree in the backyard ( a palm) that looks so sad the kids actually named it Saddy.

But you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…. the facts of life, the facts of life (sorry, couldn’t help myself there), but seriously, my new home is my home regardless of the aesthetics. My junk is still strewn all over, my family is laughing in it, my dog is barking at someone walking by and it is what it is. Home sweet home, or maybe I should say sweet home Alabama! Cue…


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